This game is going over

Marshall has made sure that every game they have played in this season goes over the total, they are not really to set on defense as they know they offense can match up well with all overs and scoring has never been a problem. UAB is the lost program coming out of Alabama, the smallest division one program in the State they are usually left out because of their lack of progress. Although this season they have shown a good initiative to get their defense a little more game ready while looking for receivers that want to push the tempo and go no huddle if it will help.

UAB Blazers vs. Marshall Thundering Herd
The UAB Blazers and Marshall Thundering Herd face off in the NCAAF week 11
Starts: 11/09/2013 12:00PM
Joan C. Edwards Stadium
Huntington, West Virginia


UAB is part of the conference USA and knows Marshall very well, they have played each other twice a year for the last 6 seasons, unfortunately UAB has really only once came out with a win. In this game the Blazers will really have to get after the ball to slow the game down, holding their line to stop the opposing running game and playing zone secondary to make sure no one is left alone over the middle.

Marshall´s defense consists off the team getting around the corners to hurry the QB up, they don’t worry too much on that aspect as they have their offense to watch for, they look down field most of the game trying to burn the ,man coverage to the weak side if it’s there. The Thundering Herd have a very mobile QB and I think we might get to see him in running action as he looks to convert third down.

What to expect:

Marshall is -15 and they will take this one, these early games are all big favorites, the method they have to move the ball down field is exceptional. I see the Herd really letting them fly until they have built up a decent led. I like the Thundering Herd in this game and I see them playing a kind of defense that really allows them to loosing up on offense.