Huge game on Thursday night in the Big 12

The 10 th overall ranked Oklahoma Sooners travel to California to take on the 6th ranked Baylor Bears on that can only be described as a pass for all type game. both of these programs have set records for points in a game as well as yards thrown, the total in this game could easily reach the triple digits as neither team worries too much about hat happens on defense, as long as they can score more points, they are happy. The Sooners have developed a defense over the years that although might not be top ranked they can come up with a big play to stop momentum and shift the outcome.

(10) Oklahoma Sooners vs. (6) Baylor Bears
The Oklahone Sooners meet the Baylor Bears in College Football week 11.
Starts: 11/07/2013 7:30PM
Floyd Casey Stadium, 3088 Burnett Avenue
Waco, Texas


Oklahoma fell to Texas a few weeks ago for their only loss of the season but is coming off an impressive win over Texas Tech; they have shown a recent interest in running the football, especially on third down situations. I expect to see the Sooners move the ball well through the air, getting their blockers to protect the QB and allow him to be accurate in his passes; defensively they will stick to zone coverage over the normal man to man in order to protect the middle of the field as well as the yards after the catch.

Baylor scores almost at will, against anyone, their QB has the ability to move around in the pocket to see his options and he can cut out ad move as well to pick up necessary yards to stay on the field. The Bears will not bring anything special to the defensive side, they will attack as best they can but more of their energy will go toward scoring no matter what play they need to turn too.

What to expect:

I see this game really getting up there in the scoring department, the total is set at 77 and I see it going way higher than that, my advice in this game is to play the over, either team can realty take the outcome but they will make sure they score as much as they can to push forward.