Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame might have showed too much last week

It took every ounce of luck, skill and willingness to get over the Navy hump and come out with a win, a team that was not even suppose to be in the same picture as the Fighting Irish but made their offense work by running the football and controlling the clock. Notre Dame had problems controlling the clock and getting off the field in third downs, something that they normally strive in, I expect Pittsburgh to take notes on their last game to make the necessary adjustments in order to equally complicate things for the Irish on the road.

(25) Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Pittsburgh Panthers
The Notre Dame Fighting Irish play Pittsburgh Panthers in the NCAAF week 11.
Starts: 11/09/2013 8:00PM
Heinz Field, 100 Art Rooney Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Notre Dame comes into this game with 2 losses on the season coming to ranked opponents but they have really had set backs with these little hurry up offense teams that do not allow them to step up properly and get caught in the wrong formation. The Irish have to eliminate that problem and correct their audibles on the spot to make sure they have maximized coverage. The Irish will also look to run the ball more in this game as they were not having any luck last week and it’s an important part of their offense.

The Pittsburgh Panthers have a very well balanced offence that really distributes well between their running attack and passing game. I have to admit that from what I saw in their last week’s meeting against Georgia Tech they played solid defense, giving up a late touchdown to close out the game to lose it all. I see them coming into this game knowing that their defense was there and that they have what it takes to control a game, spreading out their defense and not giving Notre Dame´s QB much time to look around and they too can hang in this game and have a chance in the end.

What to expect:

I really do see the Panthers giving the Fighting Irish a hard time down the stretch especially if Notre Dame struggles in any way. The Irish are -17 in this game and I think that is too high, it opened at -15 but the squares took it up to where it is now.