Odds & Top Picks College Football Championship

Odds & Top Picks College Football Championship

Week 0 is behind us. A full slate of college football is days away. Here are the odds and analysis for the top betting picks to win the 2019-20 College Football Championship.

Odds & Top Picks College Football Championship

The Favorite: Alabama Crimson Tide +235

Alabama and Clemson could fight for favoritism all season long. Right now, future bettors are all over Bama. It makes sense. Clemson has little room for error because they play in a lousy football conference. Name another team in the ACC right now, today, before the season starts, who can win more than say, 8 games. Forget making it to the CFP. Name them. Can’t? Darn right, you can’t because there isn’t.

While Clemson plays in a high school conference, Alabama plays in the SEC. The Southeastern Conference. Where football was defined and then redefined. Florida, Georgia, Auburn, all those teams can upset the Crimson Tide’s march to the College Football Playoff. That makes them the preferred choice over Clemson. Why? Because they must earn it.

But, it also makes them a vulnerable favorite. Another smarter choice awaits.

The Smart Pick: Oklahoma Sooners +1500

No doubt, the Oklahoma Sooners defense will scare every single one of their backers. It’s not only non-existent, it feels, looks smells like a paper tiger. Forget paper tiger. Paper rabbit is more like it.

Knowing this, Lincoln Riley hired Alex Grinch to get the defense up to speed. Grinch, no doubt, will do that. He won’t turn the 2019 Oklahoma Sooners into the Legion of Boom, but the defense will be improved. Ah, but that’s not the best part if you’re an Oklahoma fan!

The best part is that Riley convinced Jalen Hurts, Alabama’s former starting quarterback, to join his team. Hurts might have more sheer talent than either Baker Mayfield or Kyler Murray. The odds make Oklahoma an easy slam dunk for the “smart” college football national championship bet.

The Betting Long Shot: Utah Utes +4500

The Pac 12 isn’t loaded by any means. Let’s just say that right now, right here. The P-12 is full of, well, teams that wouldn’t stand a chance against Memphis or UCF, much less really good teams from the SEC and Big 12.

Yeah, but the ACC isn’t much better, and the defending national champions reside in the ACC. Utah is loaded. In every facet of the game, they’re loaded. So, we’ve got a talented team on both sides of the football with a great coach and a soft schedule because they play in a week Power 5 Conference. It sure sounds like a National Championship possibility.