Why Bet On The Ohio State Buckeyes to Win the 2015 National Championship

Why Bet On The Ohio State Buckeyes to Win the 2015 National Championship

Why Bet On The Ohio State Buckeyes to Win the 2015 National Championship

Why bet on the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the 2015 National Championship?  Oh, there are plenty of reasons after Ohio State upset Alabama in the second College Football Playoff Semi-Final on January 1.

Ohio State entered the game as a -7.5 point underdog. All the Buckeyes did was take charge in the second half and beat Alabama 42 to 35. Ohio State has now beaten Wisconsin and Alabama by a combined 100 to 35 score and were the underdog in both games. The Buckeyes are definitely a team that could pull off yet another huge upset only this time it might occur in the 2015 National Championship

College Football National Championship
Matchup: No. Oregon Ducks vs No. Ohio State Buckeyes
Date: Jan. 12, 2015 
Start Time: 8:30 p.m. ET 
Location: Arlington, Texas
Stadium: AT&T Stadium
Stream: WatchESPN
Radio:  Oregon Vs  Ohio State
Point Spread: Oregon -6.5
Game Total: 75

Why The Ohio State Buckeyes Are A Good Bet To Win the 2015 National Championship

  • Ohio State beat Alabama because of their defense
    The Buckeyes beat Alabama because of their defense. Urban Meyer’s team did give up 35 points and 407 total yards to the Crimson Tide, but they forced quarterback Blake Sims into 3 interceptions. More importantly, they held Amari Cooper, the ‘Bama’s Belitnikoff winning wide receiver, to only 9 catches for 71 yards and 2 touchdowns. The D held both Derrick Henry and T.J. Yeldon to less than 100 yards rushing.
  • Ohio State’s offense can play with Oregon’s
    The key to beating Oregon is to take them head on. The Ducks’ defense relies on a bend but don’t break philosophy, which entails giving up a lot of yards and field goals instead of touchdowns. Ohio State can pass the ball long to wide receiver Devin Smith or rush it up the middle with the gigantic Cardale Jones, their quarterback, or their terribly underrated running back Ezekiel Elliott. So, when Mariota and the Ducks score, Ohio State has the ability to come right back.

  • Nobody will outcoach Urban Meyer
    Meyer proved again that nobody can game plan better than he and his staff. Early on in the game versus the Crimson Tide, Ohio State ran Elliott on the edge. Then, once they had established the ability to run on the edge, the Buckeyes started pounding it up the middle against the Tide’s front seven. This forced Alabama to switch to man to man coverage, often times leaving Devin Smith in one on one situations. Devin Smith is one of the best wide receivers in college football. You can’t guard him with a single player.

  • Ohio State is a team of destiny
    Sure, sports analysts are always talking about destiny. Most of the time it’s a load of crap, but in this case, the Buckeyes sure look like a team of destiny. Starting QB Braxton Miller went down and the Buckeyes lost an early game to Virginia Tech. In that matchup, QB J.T. Barrett didn’t play well at all. Barrett turned it around big time. Before fracturing his ankle against Michigan on Nov. 29, Barrett racked up 2834 passing yards and threw 34 touchdown passes. He was a Heisman Trophy candidate.

    Once Barrett went down, there was no way for Ohio State to beat Wisconsin and Melvin Gordon in the Big Ten Championship, right?  Wrong. Ohio State dominated Wisconsin by a 59 to 0 score. It was a brilliant win even though they were down to their third string QB, Cardale Jones. Then, on January 1, against the number one ranked team in the nation, Jones and Ohio State shocked the world by upsetting Alabama 42 to 35. Maybe, this team is just destined to win the National Championship.