Louisville cardinals

UConn looks for any way possible to get a win

Connecticut comes into this game having lost every matchup this year, conference play and other, they have just not seemed to get the break they needed to find their own rhythm on offense. Greeting top 20 Louisville actually might give them some kind of hope given as the Cardinals actually lost recently to UCF on a Friday night game. Defense really is not the answer for a team like the Huskies; they just need to get the ball into the end zone and score, using all formation possible to get the maximum protection they can allow them a few extra moments to make the right throw.

(19) Louisville Cardinals vs. Connecticut Huskies
The Louisville Cardinals visit the Connecticut Huskies in NCAAF week 11.
Starts: 11/08/2013 8:30PM
Rentschler Field, 615 Silver Lane
East Hartford, Connecticut


Louisville knows that they cannot afford to lose another game, their Bowl game already diminished because of the poor outing a few weeks ago. I expect this team to really get their passing game on queue against an almost nonexistent UConn defense. They will look to really get their running game going as well allowing the receivers to take a break from the high flying routines they go through every week.

The Connecticut Huskies will look to match the intensity that Louisville brings to the field, they need to score the football but with only 9 total scores on their entire offense all season long, things are not looking good. They will run the ball to the outside and try every play they have practiced but in the end they will fall short against a Cardinals team that will not allow themselves to be caught off guard again.

What to expect:

The Cardinals are 44 point favorites in this game and I suspect that they will hold the Huskies scoreless in this game, allowing them to push the ball to give their offense some time to breath will be the best thing they can do, but eventually the Cardinals will take over and march down the field with their bigger, faster and more complete offensive group.