Odds & Picks To Win The SEC

Who Will Win The SEC In 2014 & Other Betting Predictions

For the strongest conference in Division 1 College Football, the SEC sure has become predictable, hasn’t it? Everybody bets on a handful of teams win the SEC every single season. Alabama, LSU and Auburn.

This season, one of the three figures to make it to the College Football Playoffs. But, South Carolina has been getting some love. Do the Gamecocks have what it takes to upset the triumvirate?

2014 College Football Betting Odds to Win the SEC

Alabama +130

No fluke play in the Iron Bowl would have put Alabama into the BCS Championship in 2013. They should be just as good in 2014.

LSU +600

The Tigers play at Auburn but they get Alabama at home. If they can beat the Tide in Baton Rouge, they could win the SEC.

South Carolina +450

The reason for South Carolina love is because the SEC East is weak. The Gamecocks figure to make it to the SEC Championship Game.

Auburn +450

It’s expecting a lot for Auburn to beat both LSU and Alabama in the same season, but that’s what it’s going to take to win the conference.

Florida +1200

The Gators appear to be rebuilding…again. Florida should be somewhat competitive, but they aren’t much better than Mississippi and some believe that they’re worse.

Georgia +800

Georgia always gets a lot of press early and, for some reason, they always find a way to blow it early. The Bulldogs will play tough, but they’re just not on the level of Auburn, LSU or Alabama.

Mississippi +1600

Mississippi has a shot to play very well and get into a decent bowl game. Winning the SEC probably isn’t going to happen, though.

Tennessee +7500

Oh, they’re a bad team, but they might surprise against the spread in some games.

Missouri +4000

Missouri played their way into the SEC Championship in 2013. But while Auburn reloaded, Missouri didn’t. Things will be tough for the Tigers in 2014.

Mississippi St. +3800

State is one of those squads that are happy to play football games against teams like Alabama and Auburn.

Texas A&M +4000

No Manziel means no chance at a title.

Arkansas +15000

The Razorbacks are probably a good two to three years away from contending in the SEC.

Kentucky +30000

When does basketball season start?

Vanderbilt +20000

At least the Commodores rule the SEC when it comes to academics.

SEC Championship Game Predcitions: South Carolina vs. Alabama

The two games to watch are LSU vs. Alabama and the Iron Bowl, Alabama versus Auburn. If LSU pulls off the upset, then they could march into the SEC Championship Game because there is no way that Auburn beats Alabama in Tuscaloosa after the fluke play sent the Crimson Tide barreling home losers.

Alabama should be a better squad this season than last season while Auburn got away with some interesting trickery last season. You can rest assured that Nick Saban and his coaches have studied every single one of Auburn’s formations.

The key will be LSU. Again, if the Tigers can upset Alabama and possibly even Auburn, then they could find their way into the SEC Championship.

We don’t expect that to happen, though. Saban is just too tough to let one heartbreak loss carry over to an entire season. The best prepared team week in and week out in the SEC, Alabama, will beat South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game.

Pick: Alabama Crimson Tide.