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#BeastMode vs. Denver Defense – Super Bowl XLVIII Betting Tips

Of all the Super Bowl XLVIII betting tips I could provide, tracking the upcoming battle between #BeastMode vs. Denver Defense might be the most interesting. Lynch has gashed opposing defenses for 249 yards and three touchdowns already and is setting himself up to be the MVP of his team even though all anyone wants to talk about are Wilson, Manning and Sherman.

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos
The Denver Broncos are 2.5 point favorites over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.
Starts: 02/02/2014 6:30PM
MetLife Stadium, One MetLife Stadium Dr.
East Rutherford, New Jersey


Make no mistake – Marshawn Lynch is the engine of this Seahawks team. Without him, this team wouldn’t be going to the Super Bowl. For this franchise to win their first championship, they’ll need their best player to win the Marshawn Lynch vs. Denver defense debate. And there’s a good chance that he does.

Lynch finished the year with 1,266 rushing yards (6th) and 12 touchdowns (1st). He also accounted for 68 first-downs (4th amongst running backs). The remarkable part about Lynch’s stats is the consistency. He never ran for more than 43 yards on a single play and caught just 36 passes amongst running backs which ranked him 21st amongst all backs along with Bilal Powell and Rashad Jennings. If anything, Lynch is a model for reliability despite a somewhat limited skill set. He’s never been a great pass-catching back, but he is a monster between the tackles. When you need yards, you can count on Marshawn Lynch.

Denver ranked in the top-10 in terms of rushing defense, but only because teams were often chasing down Peyton Manning on the scoreboard. The Broncos only faced 420 rushing attempts this season (8th), which sounds like a lot but the league average is 433.5. They allowed just 1,626 yards total (7th), but also gave up 15 touchdowns on the ground (23rd). Denver wasn’t tested that much in terms of rushing defense, but when they were, strong rushing teams plowed straight through them.

It’s very assume that the Marshawn Lynch vs. Denver Defense debate has a clear victor because numbers don’t lie. It’s also imperative because the Broncos won’t have Von Miller (their best defensive player) and they haven’t faced a marquee back like him in a long time. In their last five games, the Broncos have faced San Diego’s trio of lackluster backs, Houston’s third and fourth stringer, whomever Oakland had at running back in Week 17, San Diego again and the triumvirate against New England. The problem is that San Diego barnstormed Denver in Week 15 for 177 rushing yards, with Ryan Matthews picking up 127 yards on 29 carries with a touchdown to boot.

If you need a Super Bowl XLVIII betting tip to push you in the direction of Seattle, Lynch is the answer. The only way to keep Peyton Manning off the field is to chew up the clock offensively, and Marshawn offers that type of game plan. It’s relatively simple to game plan against that if you’re Jon Fox and the Broncos, but stopping the violent Lynch is far easier said than done.

There’s a clear victor when you’re talking about Marshawn Lynch vs. Denver Defense, and if you’re going to take heed of any Super Bowl XLVIII betting tips over the next few weeks, it’s to give this specific matchup its rightful attention.

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