One Of These 12 NFL Playoff Teams Is Going To Win Super Bowl XLIX

Bet On A Rare Super Bowl Rematch As Seattle Hosts Denver This Sunday

This might very well be the best football game of the 2014 NFL spread betting season. On Sunday, the Denver Broncos hit the road to right a wrong almost 8 months in the making. That’s right sports fans, the Broncos will be in Seattle for a Super Bowl rematch. Is Denver prepared at a second chance to slay the dragon even though there is no princess in the castle this time around?

Whatever happens on Sunday, a Super Bowl rematch less than 4 NFL calendar weeks (seven human months) later is surprisingly rare. So rare that a rematch the following season has only happened five times in the 47 previous Super Bowls and for those of you who are keeping score so far the defending Super Bowl champion is 3-2 against the runner up in regular-season rematches the following season.

Super Bowl XLVIII was sold as the last word on what win’s championships: A No. 1 offense or a No. 1 defense. In the end what we witnessed was kin to an aging fighter hoping for his last shot at glory against the new contender. The Seattle Seahawks defense dominated the Denver Broncos from start to finish, rolling to a 43-8 win to capture the first world title in franchise history.

The odds would seem to favor a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl.

What was the secret to the Seahawks dominating win over the Broncos this past February?

Super Bowl intermissions are twice the length of an average halftime because of the half time show and the ever so important commercials. What does this do? It breaks the norm.

To counteract the elongated break, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll had his squad run plays in the locker room too keep them fresh and in form.

What did John Fox’s Broncos do?

Nothing special. The result?

A 43-8 loss. Half of the points against Denver were scored in the second half.

Now most people would line up to bet on Peyton and the Broncos to correct their mistakes, but this Sunday NFL oddsmakers have the Seahawks as 4.5 favorites. With the cores of both teams intact (the Broncos actually improved) this would usually be a drastic swing from the 3 points that the Broncos were favored by in February, but Seattle brings with it their 12th man this Sunday.

Another wrinkle in the scenario? Peyton and the Broncos have game tape to study from last week’s systematic dismantling of the Seahawks at the hands of the San Diego Chargers

The Super Bowl rematches a season later:

  • January 11, 1970 – Super Bowl IV: The Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. Next year Minnesota defeats Kansas City 27-10.
  • January 9, 1977 – Super Bowl XI: The Oakland Raiders defeat the Vikings 32-14. Next year Oakland defeats Minnesota 10-3.
  • January 21, 1979 – Super Bowl XIII: The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 35-31. Next year Pittsburgh beats Dallas 14-3.
  • January 31, 1993 – Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas defeats Buffalo 52-17. Next year Buffalo beats Dallas 13-10. (That’s a 38-point swing in Buffalo’s favor)
  • January 26, 1997 – Super Bowl XXXI: The Green Bay Packers beat the New England Patriots 35-21. Next year Green Bay beats New England 28-10.

Now back to 2014 the only thing I know for sure is that this game is going over the NFL oddsmakers total of 48.5 points.

Super Bowl Rematch – Denver Broncos Vs. Seattle Seahawks
The Denver Broncos opened as 3.5 road underdogs against Seattle, but with heavy NFL betting money wagered on the Seahawks the spread is now 4.5; the game total is 48.5.
Starts: 09/21/2014 4:20PM
CenturyLink Field

And just incase you need more convincing:

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