New Orleans Saints

Can the Jets defense be the difference maker?

The Jets defense will get one of their hardest tests this weekend as they face one of the best passing QB´s in the last 2 decades, the Saints are more than clutch and now with Rob Ryan directing their defense they are making plays on both sides of the ball. The Jets understand that their main job on offense is to protect their rookie QB; most of the times when Geno Smith gets hurried or pressured he does not make the best decisions. Applying constant pressure on the Jets offensive line will make things very hard on New York to establish any type of offensive rhythm.

New Orleans Saints vs. New York Jets
The New Orleans Saints are 6 point favorites on the road over the NY Jets in week 9.
Starts: 11/03/2013 1:00PM
MetLife Stadium, 102 Route 120
East Rutherford, New Jersey


New Orleans fans still see this team as the one that brought the Lombardi trophy home for some Cajun chicken. This Saints are fast and a well-coached football team, the way they orchestrate their audible and route changes is fantastic. I think that this game will really show us how far this defense has come under the new coaching staff; they will have to really get after the Jets while closing in on their receivers with single coverage to start the game.

Releasing some of the pressure will be the game plan for this Jets team in this game, understanding their responsibilities on the field will either make or break them as the Saints do not forgive, if you are slow on coverage, they will exploit you all afternoon for it. The Jets need to get their offense some early touches so they can get into a groove and make something happen, even though the Saints are better on defense they are a ways away from making the key play to hold a team, something that the Jets will look to take advantage of.

What to expect:

The Saints are -7 in this game and I expect them to win by double that, I understand that the Jets have a few shut down corners and they defense is very good, but the Saints have gotten through everyone else to score and I don’t think they will bring anything he has not already seen. Take New Orleans as early as you can, this line should close around the 10 mark

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