Can the Denver Broncos Repeat as Super Bowl Champs?

Can the Denver Broncos Repeat as Super Bowl Champs?

Can the Denver Broncos Repeat as Super Bowl Champs?

The Denver Broncos did what few football analysts thought that they could do in Super Bowl 50. They beat the highly favored Carolina Panthers. It was an excellent performance by a team that many had written off.
Now, the hard part begins a Super Bowl defense.

The Super Bowl 51 betting odds are out. Can Denver repeat as Super Bowl Champions in the 2016-2017 NFL Season? Below are the pros and cons.

What Are The Odds That The Denver Broncos Repeat As Super Bowl Champs

Reasons To Bet On The Denver Broncos To Win Super Bowl LI

  1. The Denver Defense – Denver’s defense provided one of the great performances in Super Bowl history. The Denver D held the top scoring team in the NFL to 10 points. That’s 21 points under the Panthers’ average this season. They sacked the most mobile quarterback in the NFL 7 times. The defense forced 4 fumbles. It recovered 3 of those fumbles. With a defense like this, Denver should be a contender in the AFC for years to come.
  2. Denver’s Front Office and Coaching Staff – It turned out that bringing back Wade Phillips to coach the defense was as brilliant of a move that John Elway has ever made. Okay, maybe it wasn’t as brilliant as replacing John Fox with Gary Kubiak. Kubiak sure didn’t look like the guy to lead the Broncos while suffering in Houston. But, the mix of Elway in the front office, Kubiak as the head man and Phillips as the defensive coordinator has paid huge dividends. Many teams in the league would kill for the stability that Denver has.
  3. Denver’s rushing game – Denver’s offensive line and rushers started clicking towards the end of the regular season. In Week 16, the Broncos rushed for 113 yards from 21 carries. Versus Carolina in the Super Bowl, Denver rushed for only 90 yards. But, the Broncos rushed 28 times against one of the top rush defenses in the NFL. That’s commitment.

Reasons To Bet Against The Denver Broncos To Win Super Bowl LI

  1. Peyton Manning retiring – If Peyton retires, the chances of Denver repeating falls onto the shoulders of Brock Osweiler. Osweiler played very well during the regular season when spelling Peyton while the future hall of fame QB recovered from an injury. There’s a huge difference from leading a team to a repeat Super Bowl win and spelling a great like Manning. Osweiler will probably need at least a year to settle into the role.
  2. Denver free agents – Super Bowl 50 MVP linebacker Von Miller is a free agent. So is defensive end Malik Jackson. As is ILB Danny Trevathan. The offensive line has free agents in LG Evan Mathis, OT Ryan Harris and OT Tyler Polumbus. Losing anybody from their Super Bowl winning team could spell doom for Denver next season.
  3. It’s hard to repeat as Super Bowl Champs in the NFL – It’s difficult to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. The last team to do it was the New England Patriots in 2004 and 2005. That’s over 10 years ago. Plus, the AFC is deep. New England, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Cincinnati and even an up and coming team like Oakland, will all be standing in Denver’s way next season.