The Craziest Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets

The Craziest Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets

The Craziest Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets

We all know about the coin toss and the anthem length. Why don’t we stretch our legs a bit and delve in to the trenches of the craziest Super Bowl XLVIII prop bets on the board?

The Craziest Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets

Knowshon Moreno Cries During the national anthem.

If he does cry, then you’re looking at a sweet +280 payback. If you’re betting that he mans up and holds back the tears because “THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL…errrr….FOOTBALL!!” then you’ll have to risk -400 to get back some profits. Is he man enough to hold it in, or so manly that he doesn’t care? You decide!

Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say "marijuana".

This is only one of the craziest Super Bowl XLVIII prop bets because the idea of these two robots saying the word “marijuana” with their monotone delivery is enough to make me fall over and die. I guess if you’re one of those stoners who giggles every time you look at the clock and it says 4:20, this is a fun bet for you. And maybe after you win or lose it you can grow up a little and stop chuckling every time you see, hear or read about a weed reference. Stoners are the only drug addicts who are openly proud of their addiction and I want to punch them all in the face because I’m addicted to the drug of life (and by “life” I mean “rage-ahol”).

Pick: Neither says Marijuana -900 over Somebody Says Marijuana +500

First punt distance over 41.5 yards.

Want to prove to your friends that you’ve turned in to a complete degenerate? Well then roll up your sleeves because it’s time to start betting on punts! The league average for punt distance is around 45.5 yards. Denver’s punter (who’s name I’m not even going to bother looking up) was below that average with 44.5 while Seattle had the fourth worst punt average with 42.7 yards per.

It’s not really a matter of if a punter can boot the pigskin that distance because almost all of them can. The question is whether the field position will dictate teams to punt in a “play it safe” mode instead of risking a long field-goal. Still, considering how far punters kick a ball on average, I prefer the OVER. Ok, that’s about all I can write about punting. I’m moving on.

Pick: OVER 41.5 yards on first punt -115

Tied at half and goes to overtime.

This has to be either the craziest Super Bowl XLVIII prop bet or the dumbest. Either way, it’s definitely the most hilarious. Nobody likes overtime, but if this game is as tight as the oddsmakers believe and you want to go for an insane double result then you’re looking at turning $50 in to $3000. Let’s face it, by the time halftime rolls around, you’re going to spend $50 on dumber things when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday. You might as well at least try to make some cash while you’re acting like a moron.

By the way, double result betting is absolutely fruitful of you know what to look for. You’re looking for the winner at halftime (HT) and the final winner at the end of full time (FT). Most of the combined bets that have overtime involved are at least +3000 or higher. You can check out all the double results on the main props page. This is a fantastic hedge play and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money to reap the rewards…especially if you love ties.

Pick: Denver HT & DEN FT (+140) hedged against Seattle Moneyline

Clock time after first score.

Of course, I saved what I believe to be the absolute craziest Super Bowl XLVIII prop bet for last. If you want to talk about narrow windows of opportunity, then look no further. All of these bets cover 29-second increments. For example, if you think the first score of the game will come in the fist quarter at 11:00-11:29 you can get +1450 odds. And if you want to get an idea of how insane these odds get as the game progresses, you’re looking at a +4875 payout if the first score of the game comes in the last 29 seconds of the opening period. Check out the board and throw some pickle bets around on this suicidal play. You might want to write this one down to.

Pick: Clock Time After 1st Score 7:30-7:59 at +1400