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The game was in the bag for Minnesota

Picking up a huge interception with only 2 minutes left in the game the Vikings were finally going to win a game, all they needed was a first down… Dallas got the ball back, scored and another L for the Vikings. This team needs to figure out their QB situation, if Freeman is ready to go next week, they need to start him, this is getting ridiculous. The Redskins were on the other side of that story forcing overtime against the Chargers and turn around and steal the game with a late touchdown run.

Washington Redskins vs. Minnesota Vikings
The Washington Redskins are one point favorites over the Minnesota Vikings on Thusrday Night Football.
Starts: 11/07/2013 8:30PM
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, 900 S. Fifth St.
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Washington had a scare in last week’s game when QB RG3 took off running and was thrown in the air, landing hard on his head, he quickly got up and was back playing but those are the risks that this young QB just doesn’t want to understand. This team needs to really clear some holes for RB Alfred Morris, he needs a few good back to back runs to get his confidence back and be what he was last season. The defense is already there and making the right plays, they just need to maximize both sides of the ball…

Minnesota has no choice but to run the football and really there is not much more that Adrien Peterson can due from what he is already doing. This team is in need of a receiver that makes the plays when they need it most, which converts the much needed third downs. I think that we will see Freeman behind center for this game and a little more activity for the Vikings QB as he will look to move the ball on his own when given the room.

What to expect:

Washington is -7.5 against a defense that has issues stopping the pass, the Redskins will more than likely look to run the ball with RG3 a little ore because of the outside corner possibilities but with the instructions that he must slide, at all times. For the Vikings, the outcome of the game will rest in the hands of whether or not Josh Freeman has gotten the offense down and how well he can execute it, something see taking longer than this game to happen, take Washington in this one.

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