NFL High/Low Scoring Game Projections Week 6

NFL High/Low Scoring Game Projections Week 6

Betting the over/under on NFL game totals is very underrated! If you are new to betting on point-totals use my NFL Week 6 high/low scoring game projections use my analysis to get an extra edge on your picks.

NFL High/Low Scoring Game Projections Week 6

Thursday, Oct. 10

New York Giants at New England Patriots: 45

The Patriots have the best defense in the NFL. It only allows 6.8 points per game. However, there’s a caveat to that. New England has battled Pittsburgh, Miami, Buffalo, the New York Jets, and Washington. That’s 5 of the worst offensive teams in the league.

Minnesota bottled up the New York Giants in Week 5. The Giants have a legit NFL starting quarterback in rookie Daniel Jones, though. Jones should improve off the learning experience effort. The Giants aren’t as bad as four, maybe five, of the teams the Patriots have played this season. The Pats will score enough for the betting total to go over by themselves.

Sunday, Oct. 13

Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos: 40

Titans and Broncos play similar styles. Both prefer to run the football and eat up the clock. Both teams have confidence in their defenses. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It figures to work on Sunday because the Broncos just beat the rival Chargers using that style. They’ll play keep away for most of this one.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets: 43.5

The Jets can’t score. That’s obvious. But, will the Cowboys score enough for the over? A deeper dig should tell us. Dallas’ defense, although much superior to the Jets’ offense, had big trouble keeping Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay from piling up points in Week 5. The Boys’ defense should bounce back in Week 6.

NYJ might get Sam Darnold back. If they don’t, the Jets might get 3 points, 6 if they’re lucky. Although the Jets might not help for the over, this could be one of those games where the Cowboys score at will. Dallas might rack up 48 points, which means they’d get the overall by themselves.

Pittsburgh Steelers at L.A. Chargers: 43.5

We don’t know the status of Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph after he took a severe hit in the loss to the Denver Broncos in Week 5. Rudolph might play. He might not. It’s hard to go over in this matchup either way because the Chargers’ offense looked terrible in Week 5 while the defense played well. Neither team will put their quarterback, no matter who it is, in jeopardy in this matchup. Expect a well-coached, strategic game of the 20-17 variety.

Monday, Oct. 14

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers: 47

Detroit’s got a good defense. Green Bay’s has fallen off a cliff. Both teams will rack up massive amounts of points on Monday because while the Packers’ defense has gotten bad all of a sudden, Green Bay’s offense has gotten really, really good. Expect both teams to score close to thirty in this matchup.

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