Is There a 5000-1 Leicester City Bet In The NFL This Season?

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Is There a 5000-1 Leicester City Bet In The NFL This Season?

Leicester City pulled off one of the more miraculous wins in sports history. It won the Premier League at an unreal 5000 to 1 odds when the season began. Sportsbooks lost $11.4 million to bets made on Leicester City. To put it into perspective about how miraculous Leicester City winning the Premier League is other 5000 to 1 wagers that sportsbooks’s have offered included Elvis Presley being found alive and Barack Obama playing cricket for England. Both impossiblities.

Crazy, right? 

Leicester City’s amazing upset got me thinking, are there any teams listed in the sportsbook going off at Leicester City type odds to win Super Bowl 51? I checked the futures and there doesn’t appear to be any.

So, even though there aren’t any NFL teams offering 5000 to 1 odds to win Super Bowl 51, there are 3 teams offering Super Bowl 51 odds so sky high that it may be considered throwing money down the proverbial toilet. Keep reading to find out which teams those are.

Long Shot Picks To Win Super Bowl 51

Tennessee Titans – 66/1 to Win Super Bowl 51

I think that the Titans are an excellent wager at 1000 to 1. Tennessee got much better after the NFL Draft last week. Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry is a fantastic pass-catching RB. He has enough breakaway speed to get the edge, meaning that he can run behind OT Jack Conklin, whom the Titans drafted in the first round. DeMarco Murray can run in between the tackles while Derrick Henry can serve as a safety valve for QB Marcus Mariota on passing situations. The defense got better as well with the Titans drafting DE Kevin Dodd and DT Austin Johnson in Round 2. The odds make Tennessee worth a wager to win Super Bowl 51.

San Francisco 49’ers – 100/1 To Win Super Bowl 51

San Francisco will have a much tougher time winning the Super Bowl than Tennessee. At 1000 to 1, the 49’ers are an underlay. The problem with San Francisco is that they don’t have a starting quarterback that has the ability to get this team to the Super Bowl. Marcus Mariota at Tennessee is young. But, he’s a quick learner who wants to get better.

Colin Kaepernick wants out of San Francisco. Blaine Gabbert has been a bust as a QB since he entered the league. The biggest issue for both Kap and Gabbert is that they have to learn new coach Chip Kelly’s offensive system. The system proved to be a failure at Philadelphia, who had much better players on the roster than what San Francisco has.

Cleveland Browns – 150/1 To Win Super Bowl 51

Perhaps no team, with the exception of Jacksonville, helped its cause better in the NFL Draft than the Cleveland Browns. But to believe that the Browns could win the Super Bowl in 2017 is foolish. The problem that the Browns will have is that their schedule. Even if all 14 of their draft picks and QB Robert Griffini III turns out to be one of the Top 3 signal-callers this season, the Browns may not make the playoffs. They take on Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati, 3 legitimate playoff contenders, twice each during the regular season. That’s on top of having to play against teams from the AFC East like the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

I love the direction that this team is going. But they have no shot of winning Super Bowl 51. Then again, Leicester City won the Premier League. So, who knows?