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Last Minute 2014 Super Bowl Value Bets

Making last minute Super Bowl 48 value bets depends on what you’re already committed to in the sportsbook. Have you bet on the Denver Broncos at -3.0 and seen the line come careening down to -2.0? Are you nervous about a Seahawks moneyline play? “Value” is a relative term, but with the bookies offering so many different prop bets and

Last Minute Super Bowl Value Bets


This is amongst the best, last minute Super Bowl 48 value bets you can make if you’ve hammered the Broncos to win the game or cover the spread. Let’s say, for example, that you bet $100 for the Broncos to cover and they don’t. Well why don’t you take $20 and bet on Lynch to win the MVP (or Wilson at +330) and you recover that money instantly. You can swing for Sherman (+2000) or even Percy Harvin (+1800) but Lynch is the rock here. Pound him if you need to.


Not only is this a great hedge play if you’re concerned about the welfare of your Seahawks bet, this is just a great prop to play overall. Manning is coming off his best season ever – for himself or any other NFL quarterback in history – and has made it clear that this year belongs to him. You’re getting a 10-percent payback on your risk already and the Broncos are a solid bet overall to win the game. If they do, the pollsters will reward Manning for just being in the game regardless of Moreno’s rushing stats or the catches Demaryius Thomas pulls down. Quarterbacks always have an inside track on the Super Bowl MVP award so Manning remains a great, last minute Super bowl 48 value bet.


The oddsmakers are practically giving money away in this section. Demaryius Thomas (-110) and Lynch (-300) are the only guys you have to pay more for to get less money. But everyone else involved has underdog odds. Julius Thomas at +120 remains one my favorite last minute Super bowl 48 value bets because he’s a matchup nightmare for everyone on the Seattle roster. Other fun bets include Montee Ball (+225) and return-specialist Trindon Holliday (+500). I would stay under the 5-to-1 ceiling if I were you to be honest, but if you’re going to bet on a pick-six, this is the market to do it in. Rodgers-Cromartie is +2000 and Sherman is +1600.


I mean, if you doubt that Wilson’s going to have a big statistical game, you have a ton of reasons to. He averaged just 209.8 passing yards per game, attempted the second-fewest throws of any starting quarterback and has thrown for 103 and 215 yards in the playoffs so far. He’s also completed just 25 passes in the post season. The oddsmakers are making it easy to bet on Wilson’s arm. Check out a few of these odds on Wilson’s throwing production below:

141-180 YARDS (+500)
221-240 YARDS (+570)
0-100 YARDS (+600)
101-140 YARDS (+600)

Those are the four lowest payouts in this market. You can spread around $10 on each of these and still win some extra money if he throws for less than 240 yards. And why wouldn’t he? He only threw for 241+ yards four times this year.


Manning has been in the Super Bowl twice in his career and thrown at least one pick in each game. That’s why the Seahawks grabbing a turnover is such an attractive bet. One of his passes is going to get away from Manning, and the chances of a fumble always exist no matter how incredible both teams have been at protecting the football in that aspect. The Broncos are also getting +175 odds for generating at least one turnover, but I prefer the Seahawks’ market simply because they’ve generated the most possession changes in the league. This is an awesome, hidden gem and should be amongst your last minute Super Bowl 48 value bets if you like making money.

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