My Winning Super Bowl 50 Pick

My Winning Super Bowl 50 Pick

The NFL has made it to Conference Championship Week! It’s time to make a bold Super Bowl 50 pick prediction. After studying the Divisional Round Games, I’ve come up with the team that I feel is destined to lift the Lombardi Trophy on Feb. 7. Why wait to let everybody know who I like to win the championship since I feel so strongly about this team? Keep reading to find out why I’ve believe that the Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50!  

Why Bet The Carolina Panthers To Win Super Bowl 50

QB Cam Newton – You might as well hand Newton the MVP trophy today. Let’s not make it a distraction. Newton deserves it. When it comes to leadership skills, nobody in the NFL is better than Cam Newton. Sure, a lot of Cam’s success has to do with his partner in leading young men to victory, tight-end Greg Olsen, but make no mistake, the Carolina Panthers are Cam Newton’s team. He can will his team to a win like he did versus Seattle in Week 6 after he had thrown 2 interceptions. He can use his arm. He’s thrown for 35 touchdowns and 3837 yards this season. He can also use his feet. He rushed for 636 yards and scored 10 rushing touchdowns. He’s also the most enthusiastic player in the NFL. The man refuses to lose.

CB Josh Norman and ILB Luke Keuchly – Carolina’s defense can be beat. There’s no doubt about it. Seattle scored 24 in the second half of Carolina’s 31 to 24 NFC Divisional Round Playoff win. But, Carolina’s defense can also make life frustrating for one-dimensional teams. I’m thinking about you Arizona and New England. Both teams are only good at passing the football. I’m also talking about you, Denver. Denver’s offense doesn’t score a lot of points.

Norman can shut off an entire section of the field. Keuchly can play man to man on running backs or tight-ends. He has the ability to rush the passer and is a great run stopper. Both guys are two of the best in their positions. In this season’s playoffs, Seattle matched up the best with the Panthers defense. The other remaining teams could be in some trouble against the unit because of Norman and Keuchly.

Coach Ron Rivera – Rivera has led the Panthers to 3 straight NFC South Division titles. This season, he coached the team to a 15 and 1 regular season. What makes Rivera special is that he has an eye for both on the field talent as well as coaching talent. He’s allowed Mike Shula to blossom into the offensive coordinator that he is letting him develop Newton since 2013. That’s three years that Rivera’s MVP QB and top assistant have been together. Rivera has what his QB has and that’s why both of them are successful. They’re both incredible leaders.  

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