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NFL Betting Trends – The London Edition

Even with opponents to London franchise in the NFL, according to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph, an expansion team could call London home by the end of the decade. 

Take former Steeler Hall of Fame QB and current Fox Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw who hates the idea that teams now are forced to play in England.

"I think it’s the most disrespectful thing you can do to these teams, to make them travel over to London to promote our NFL product," Bradshaw said during an appearance on WFAN. "You’re not ever going to have a team (relocate) over there. If you’re going to do anything, go to Canada every year — could be somebody (moves) up there eventually. But I don’t get it.

"Nobody cares anything about that game," he continued. "The players don’t want to go. You can’t enjoy it. Now preseason, OK, have some fun. It’s regular season, so yeah, I don’t get it — never will."

Bradshaw fully understands what is at stake here (even if he’s wrong about a team eventually relocating there). He said so himself.

"It’s all about money, buddy," he admitted. "It’s all about money."

This Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings face each other in a battle of winless teams in the storied Wembley Stadium.

Here are the NFL betting trends of former NFL games played in London to give you an edge on your bets this weekend:

  • 2007 | NY Giants 13-10 Miami Dolphins | Spread: NYG -10 |ATS Win: MIA |Game Total: 48 (under).
  • 2008 | San Diego Chargers 32-37 New Orleans Saints | Spread: SD -3 | ATS Win: NO | Game Total: 45.5 (over).
  • 2009 | New England Patriots 35-7 TB Buccaneers | Spread: NE -15.5 | ATS Win: NE | Game Total: 44.5 (under).
  • 2010 | San Francisco 49ers 24-16 Denver Broncos | Spread: SF -2.5 | ATS Win: SF | Game Total: 41.5 (under).
  • 2011 | Chicago Bears 24-18 TB Buccaneers | Spread: CHI -2 | ATS Win: CHI| Game Total: 44 (under).
  • 2012 | New England Patriots 45-7 STL Rams | Spread: NE -7 | ATS Win: NE | Game Total: 46 (over).

As the numbers tell you, the favorites have covered the spread four of the six games played with a 4-0 ATS ongoing streak by the favs.

The matchup for this Sunday has the Steelers as favorites by three points over the Vikings and the game total set at 42 points. The line opened as even money but moved three points to favor Pittsburgh because opposing QB Christian Ponder will not be starting due to a rib injury.  In his place former Patriot and Chief Matt Cassel will start.

The Vikings landing in London earlier during the week in order to avoid jet lag on Sunday, while the Steelers made the trip on early on Thursday trying to keep business as usual.

"I value normalcy in the early portions of the week from a preparation standpoint and from a practice standpoint — use of our facilities, the comforts of home if you will," Steelers Head Coach Tomlin said. "It’s purely a business trip for me personally. This is just a road game for us. We are happy to represent the NFL in international play, but in terms of what it is that we are doing, our level of focus and the things that we need to do in preparation and in play, it’s just a road game for us."

If you are wondering the betting stats for this matchup you should know the Steelers have won three games in a row against the Vikings, covering the spread in two of those.  However, the games were spread out in almost a decade as the meetings were in 2001, 2005 and 2009.

For NFL betting trends that focus on our opponents last 3 head-to-head matchups, the Steelers have won the last 3 games, while only failing to cover the spread once.  These betting trends don’t help my make a choice on this weekends winner because the games were spread out over a decade starting in 2001 and the last game being played in 2009.

Those three matchups all ended in the UNDER on the total, which considering the NFL betting trends in the previous London games could be a winning bet..

NFL Betting Pick: Bet The UNDER.

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