The New England Patriots Vs The NFL In 2015

The New England Patriots Vs The NFL In 2015

The New England Patriots have always played with an Us versus Them mentality. Even before Deflategate and Spygate. No other team in professional sports can turn controversy, adversity and criticism into motivation better than the Patriots. And no other coach in history is as vengeful as Bill Belichick. This year the Las Vegas oddsmakers have the Patriots listed at 10/1 odds to win Super Bowl 50.

Last week, Belichick was asked before practice if he wanted to “stick it” to the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell for the ongoing controversy.

"Have you ever caught yourself driving at home thinking, ‘I’d love to win every game this year by 50 points and stick it to this commissioner and this league’?" asked the reporter.

"Right now I’m really focused on what we’re doing today," Belichick replied "I’m not thinking about the past, not last week, not last year, not some other year. We have to prepare our team for the opener for a 16-game regular season schedule. We really can’t do much of that right now. Now is the time to work, so I’m not really going to worry about next month, next year, six months from now.

"I know that’s really important to everybody else, but it’s really not very important to me and I don’t think it’s very important to our football team. So with all due respect, it’s not really something I think about or I care about. Even though that seems to be really important to everybody else, it’s just not on our radar."

Bill Belichick’s Patriots Vs The NFL In 2015

Which teams does Belichick have saying uncle?

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Four Teams Have Never Beaten The Patriots Since 2010

Atlanta at 4 and 0, Dallas at 3 and 0, Jacksonville at 6 and 0 and Philadelphia at 4 and 0 haven’t beaten the Patriots since Bill Belichick took over. That’s impressive. The record versus Philly is particularly impressive since the Patriots had to face the Donovan McNabb quarterbacked and Andy Reid coached teams of the early 2000’s.

The Patritos Own The AFC East Division

Buffalo is 4 and 26 versus the Patriots since 2000. Rex Ryan is the head man at Buffalo. If he can beat the Patriots once a year, Bills’ upper management might give Rex a lifetime contract. The New York Jets are 10 and 22 versus Belichick and the Pats since 2000. Miami, who has a decent team in 2015, is 10 and 20 in 15 years. The Patriots should be more fired up to take down the also-ran teams in their own division in 2015.

The Hoodie + Brady > Peyton

Tom Brady and the Hoodie dominate teams quarterbacked by Peyton Manning. The Colts are 14 and 6 versus the Patriots. The Broncos are a better 6 and 7. Unfortunately, since Manning arrived to Denver, the Pats have resumed their domination of Peyton and anybody on his team. Peyton and the Broncos lost 21 to 31 in 2012, they lost 31 to 34 in OT in 2013, and they lost 21 to 43 last year. Denver was 6 and 4 versus the Pats before Manning arrived. Now, the Broncos, like almost everybody else the NFL, has a losing record versus New England since 2000.

Which Two NFC Teams Can Hang With The Patriots?

Only 2 teams in the NFC can hang with the Patriots. Green Bay is 2 and 2. The Packers being able to stick with the Pats makes sense since Aaron Rodgers has been their QB for a number of years. The only team that has a winning record versus the Patriots is the New York Giants. The Giants are 3 and 2. 2 of the G-Men’s victories were in Super Bowls. It doesn’t make sense, does it? How can you shut down Peyton but let Eli dominate you? The Patriots face the New York Giants during the regular season in 2015. That’s going to be a great matchup.

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