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NFL Futures Betting Odds After 4 Weeks

With four weeks of the 2013 NFL regular season have gone by like Vin Diesel’s driving in the latest installment of the Fast and Furious film series, several eye-opening events have already taken place.

That’s right gridiron gamblers, even with just one month completed, numerous teams in both conferences have already shown themselves to be either legitimate Super Bowl title contenders or bigger pretenders than anyone could have ever imagined.

This league-wide look at the NFL’s most recent Futures Odds and the legitimacy of each team’s chances of cashing in against them, will give pro football betting buffs the ammunition they need to cash in on several of these highly profitable season-long wagers.

Odds to win Super Bowl XLVIII

The Cream of the Crop
Denver Broncos-5/2
The Denver Broncos are on top here, but I’m always wary of a Peyton Manning postseason flameout.

Seattle Seahawks-5/1
The hungry Seattle Seahawks have a stingy defense, a powerful rushing attack and one of the game’s best young quarterbacks. Enough said.

New Orleans Saints-10/1
The Saints are back to their high-powered offensive ways, but now, they’ve got an aggressive Rob Ryan defense complimenting them!

New England Patriots-10/1
Love them or loathe them (like me), the New England Patriots are still a legitimate Super Bowl contender, thanks mostly to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Kansas City Chiefs-30/1
After 14 mostly wonderful seasons in the City of Brotherly Shove, Andy Reid has now got the Kansas City Chiefs looking outstanding – on both sides of the ball too. Who woulda’ ever thunk it? Clearly, the Chiefs are offering the biggest and best odds of any team in this category.


Legitimate Title Contenders
Indianapolis Colts-35/1
San Francisco 49ers-12/1
The Scoop: The Colts have two of the best young talents in the game at their respective positions in Trent Richardson and Andrew Luck, not to mention a defense that is apparently far better than anyone could have ever imagined.

The San Francisco 49ers are still very real contenders even though they’re really missing Michael Crabtree’s ability to stretch the field a bit. Still, I wouldn’t put anything past this team. Still, at this point of the season, I like the Colts a bit more.

Cloudy With a Chance
Green Bay Packers-16/1
Baltimore Ravens-50/1
Chicago Bears-22/1
Detroit Lions-38/1
Houston Texans-35/1
Atlanta Falcons-50/1
Dallas Cowboys-25/1
San Diego Chargers-100/1
Cincinnati Bengals-40/1
Miami Dolphins-40/1
Tennessee Titans-65/1
Cleveland Browns-125/1
Buffalo Bills-200/1
Carolina Panthers-100/1
The Scoop: Every team in the ‘Cloudy with a Chance’ category could very well surprise and make some noise in the postseason – or they could fall off the playoff map by the time mid-season rolls around.

Recent Super Bowl winners, Green Bay and Baltimore have plenty of experience and a pair of big-name quarterbacks, although Joe Flacco certainly isn’t in the same class of quarterbacks as Aaron Rodgers.

The Chicago Bears are looking very good despite their Week 4 loss to the seriously explosive Detroit Lions. The Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers all just seem to have this knack for coming up short at the worst possible time, usually against one of their respective conference powerhouses.

Now, there are some young teams in this grouping that have been very impressive through one-fourth of the regular season and look as though they could become very dangerous as the season progresses.

The Dolphins, Titans, Browns, Bills and even the Carolina Panthers, are all young teams that have gotten off to solid starts this season because of their respective quarterback play they’ve gotten so far.

Ryan Tannehill and Jake Locker suddenly look like they belong in the same breath as Russell Wilson, RGIII, Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick, while the Browns may have struck gold with fifth-year veteran Brian Hoyer and the same for Buffalo with ‘steal of the draft’ signal-caller E.J. Manuel. Last but not least, Carolina’s Cam Newton is still a handful to deal with – and apparently getting better.

Not Looking Too Hot
Washington Redskins-75/1
Philadelphia Eagles-150/1
Minnesota Vikings-200/1
Pittsburgh Steelers-200/1
The Scoop: Things don’t look too hot for any team in this group. The Eagles, Redskins and Vikings are giving up points fast than Usain Bolts runs and the perennially powerful (generally speaking) Pittsburgh Steelers are a complete and utter mess right now (karma for Big Ben maybe?)

No Way Jose!
Jacksonville Jaguars-9999/1
Oakland Raiders-2500/1
Tampa Bay Buccanneers-500/1
St. Louis Rams-400/1
Arizona Cardinals-125/1
New York Giants-150/1
New York Jets-200/1
The Scoop: All of these teams on this list are light years away from even attempting to reach the Super Bowl, though it must be noted that the New York Giants didn’t look like prime Super Bowl contenders when they won each of their last two titles.

The New York Jets have a rookie quarterback that looks mostly like a lost rookie while the Arizona Cardinals look as mediocre as ever under fading signal-caller veteran Carson Palmer.

The St. Louis Rams haven’t improved at all under Jeff Fisher, likely opening the door for his departure following this season. Greg Schiano has a near mutiny on hands with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars probably couldn’t beat the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The only team in this group that I can say anything positive about is the rebuilding (again) Oakland Raiders who look like they may be headed in the right direction under their new front office and young quarterback Terrelle Pryor.



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