2016 NFL Team By Team Betting Preview

Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

Week 17 is in the books. Odds are out for Super bowl 50. Wouldn’t you know it? Even though both Arizona in the NFC and New England in the AFC lost their chances for home field advantage throughout the playoffs in Week 17, both are favorites in their respective conferences to win the Super Bowl.

Keep reading for the betting odds on each NFL Playoff team to win Super Bowl 50 along with my thoughts on the teams chances on hoisting the Lombardy Trophy on Feb. 7.

A Closer Look At The Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

  • Arizona Cardinals 9/2 – The jury is still out on whether or not QB Carson Palmer has what it takes to win a Super Bowl. If he doesn’t, Arizona’s playoff run could be short-lived.
  • New England Patriots 9/2 – Tom Brady didn’t look that great in the final two games of the regular season. The Patriots’ much feared offense scored only 20 against the Jets and only 10 against Miami in weeks 16 and 17. 
  • Carolina Panthers 5/1 – Carolina looked good in Week 17 when drubbing a Tampa Bay team that they had to beat for home field advantage. If you want to back a favorite in the NFC, this is the team to back.
  • Denver Broncos 6/1 – Peyton Manning will and should be the starter going into the playoffs. If you’re a Broncos fan, don’t worry about Peyton. Worry about a defense that has shown signs of wear and tear in the Broncos last 4 games.  
  • Seattle Seahawks 6/1 – The Seahawks were great against Arizona in Week 17. Are they over the top? Don’t expect a 38 to 7 repeat win over Minnesota this Sunday in the Wild Card Round.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 7/1 – The odds are way too low on a team that up until Week 17 wasn’t even expected to make the playoffs. The Steelers 30th ranked pass defense could get shredded against the Bengals on Saturday.
  • Kansas City Chiefs 24/1 – Wow. NFL future players are getting 24 to 1 on the hottest team in the league. KC has won 10 in a row. The defense has allowed 20 points or more only twice in KC’s last 12 games. What’s not to like?
  • Cincinnati Bengals 25/1 – The Bengals are a great bet at 25 to 1. Cincinnati lost only 4 games this season. QB A.J. McCarron hasn’t thrown an interception in 4 straight games. Plus, Andy Dalton is getting healthier week to week. He might even be able to play this Saturday.
  • Green Bay Packers 35/1 – Expect higher odds than 35 to 1 on the Packers to win the Super Bowl. QB Aaron Rodgers hasn’t played well enough for a QB rating of 100 or higher since Week 3.
  • Minnesota Vikings 35/1 – The Vikings are legit. If the defense is able to be stout in the playoffs, QB Teddy Bridgewater won’t make stupid mistakes while RB Adrian Peterson is still the best in the NFL.
  • Washington 38/1 – This team has a long shot chance to win the Super Bowl. It depends on Kirk Cousins’ continued terrific play under center, the defense stepping it up, and a lot of luck.
  • Houston Texans 75/1 – It’s hard to see Houston getting out of the Wild Card Round since they face Kansas City. One caveat is the defense. It was a shutdown unit from Week 15 on.
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