Opening Odds To Win Super Bowl 48

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Opening Odds To Win Super Bowl 48

The dust from championship weekend has yet to settle, but the linemakers have quickly released the opening odds to win Super Bowl 48. Right now, the Denver Broncos are only mild favorites at -2.0 (originally opening at -1 on our board) with a grand total of 47.5, which is pretty average. A lot can change over the next two weeks, but this is an attractive betting line that I promise will dance around as we get closer to the big game.

Super Bowl 48
The top teams in the AFC and NFC meet at MetLife Stadium on Feb 2nd for Super Bowl 48
Starts: 02/02/2014 6:30PM
MetLife Stadium
East Rutherford, New Jersey


Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos emerged from the AFC Championship game with a relatively easy victory. They buried New England in the first three quarters, holding them out of the endzone with a score of 20-3 by that point, and went on to win 26-16 despite Tom Brady’s best efforts. Manning continued to shake the ghosts of playoffs past by completing 32-of-43 passes for a blistering 400 yards and 2 touchdowns while refraining from turning the ball once or getting sacked at all.

For all intents and purposes, the Broncos are stampeding in to the Super Bowl with all the momentum which is why the opening odds to win Super Bowl 48 should be a bit surprising. We all know that Manning supposedly struggles in windy conditions, cold weather and the playoffs in general but this just seems like a different post season version of the quarterback we all love to nit-pick to death. The early weather reports for New York indicate brutal conditions for this game, so Manning might fall victim to all the elements we’ve seen him plod in before.

This game won’t have the same quarterback vitriol that the championship round enjoyed because there’s no point in comparing Russell Wilson to Peyton Manning. They’re 12 years apart in age, have a difference of 14 years in experience and Wilson hasn’t come close to accomplishing the significant milestones that Manning has.

But we’ll still talk about it because it’s the Super Bowl. Seattle’s top ranked defense stifled Kaepernick’s passing attack over the weekend, and severely limited the effectiveness of a usual dependable Frank Gore. The Niners piled up 161 yards rushing, but most of that was on a 58-yard breakout by Kaepernick. Gore and Hunter were both limited to just 30 total rushing yards, while Kaepernick had a measly 153 yards passing and two brutal interceptions.

Seattle’s defense will show up to Metlife Stadium ready to make a name for themselves by suffocating the league’s best quarterback in Peyton Manning. We have two weeks to discuss whether they can actually accomplish that feat, but it’s worth noting that the opening odds to win Super Bowl 48 are tight because the bookies believe that Seattle’s secondary can limit the awesome passing attack of Denver.

While many experts and writers will focus on Manning’s legacy, Wilson’s explosion on the league or Pete Carroll, the real x-factor in the championship game will be Marshawn Lynch. In two games during the playoffs, Lynch has already amassed 249 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns. The 140 he piled up against New Orleans was understandable, but the 109 he ran for against San Francisco is noteworthy because of the efficiency of the Niners’ front-seven.

Denver’s rushing defense has not been tested by a back of Lynch’s caliber this entire playoffs. The makeshift trio that San Diego rolled in to Mile High with was quickly sidelined due to in-game injuries, and the Patriots were stifled to just 64 yards on the ground last weekend. LaGarette Blount, who had 160 yards and 4 touchdowns the week prior against Indy, had just 5 carries for 6 whole yards gained against Denver. The Broncos have a defense that is better than advertised, but stopping Lynch is no easy task and his performance in the Super Bowl will be pivotal to the Seahawks’ success.

Rarely do we get to see the two best teams in the NFL face off against one another in the Super Bowl. Seattle’s top ranked defense against Denver’s league best offense will be a sight to behold, but beyond that both finished atop their respective conferences in both the regular season and the post season. That’s why the opening odds to win Super Bowl 48 are so slim right now, and why you should be giddy with anticipation for the next two weeks.