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Over – Under Total Betting Tips On NFL Games After 4 Weeks

If you’re an NFL pro football betting enthusiast that likes to wager on the Over/Under Totals odds, far more often than not, then you’re in for a big-time treat as I break down everything Over/Under related through four weeks of the 2013 NFL regular season.

Whether you like defensive teams that play Under the Total consistently or offensive-minded franchises that put points on the board  like nobody’s business, you’re going to get the low-down on everything Over/Under Total related.

With Week 5 quickly approaching, let’s get started.

Here is a look at the best Over teams in the league right now, followed by the points they both average and allow defensively.

Minnesota 28.8 and 30.8
The Vikes can score the ball – and they give up a lot defensively. This is the best combination for gridiron gamblers that like to play the Over.

Denver 44.8 and 22.8
The Broncos are scoring points like I used to when I played TECMO Bowl two decades ago.

Chicago 31.8 and 28.5
The arrival of Marc Trestman has clearly had a huge hand in helping fix Chicago’s formerly vanilla offense. Now if Da’ Bears could stop somebody!

Miami 3-0, 22.8 and 22.8
Miami isn’t scoring a ton of points – or allowing very many defensively, but what they are doing is finding a way to play just Over their O/U Totals more often than not.

Philadelphia 3-1, 24.8 and 34.5
When you give up points the way Philly does, Over outcomes are going to happen whether you like it or not!

San Diego 3-1, 27.0 and 25.5
The Chargers have always been able to score points for the better part of the last decade – and they’ve been almost equally adept at giving up just as many.

Green Bay 3-0, 32.0 and 29.3
The Packers have only played three games, but they’ve allowed an identical 34 points in two of them.

Houston 3-1, 22.5 and 26.2
The Texans have a wonderful offense but they just can’t get out of their own collective way! If you don’t believe me, then just go ask Matt Schaub.

Atlanta 3-1, 23.5 and 26.0
Replace the previous sentence about the Texans and just put ‘Falcons’ in as the team that can’t get out of their own way instead.

St. Louis 3-1, 17.3 and 30.3
If Jeff Fisher is smart, he’d have a resignation letter in his desk drawer ready to deliver at a moment’s notice!

Now, let’s look at the best Under teams through one-fourth of the regular season.

Some of the teams on this list are here because they play stellar defense while others are on this list because they keep facing high Totals that they fall just Under more often than not.

Kansas City 0-4 O/U
When you’re giving up just 10.3 point per game, you’re going to play Under the Total a lot people.

Tampa Bay 0-4 O/U
The Bucs can’t score the ball (11.0) and they also don’t give up very man defensively (17.5). Too bad this team can’t fin the end zone a bit more often.

Indianapolis 1-3 O/U
By now, everyone knows the Colts have an all-world quarterback in second-year star Andrew Luck. What many are now finding out is the fact that this team plays absolutely

Jacksonville 1-3 O/U
Even if you’re giving up an insane 32.3 points per game defensively, it’s hard to play Over the Total often when you average a pitiful 7.8 points per game offensively.

Cleveland 1-3 O/U
The Browns have solid numbers both offensively (16.0 ppg) and defensively (17.5 ppg) that should allow them to play Under the Total more often than not.

Oakland 1-3 O/U
The Raiders are very similar to the Browns, averaging 17.8 points per game and giving up a very respectable 22.8 per contest defensively.

New Orleans 1-3 O/U
The Saints are averaging 27.0 per game offensively, so that’s not a big surprise. However, the teams’ defense has been very, very good this season (13.8 ppg).

Arizona 1-3 O/U
The Cardinals (17.3 ppg) can’t score the ball and are still praying for their next Kurt Warner.

Carolina 1-2 O/U
Through three games, the Panthers are one of the stingiest teams in the league (12.8 ppg).

Baltimore 1-3 O/U
The Ravens are averaging 22.8 and allowing a surprising 21.8 per contest defensively. You’d think they’d have more Over outcomes with their sub par defense so far.

New England 1-3 O/U
The Pats are allowing just 14.3 points per game and most people thought their defense would be mediocre at best this season.

Okay, let’s take a look at some league-wide Over/Under statistics.

The league’s only two overtime games have both played Over the Total this season.
Out of all non-overtime games, there have been 30 Overs (49.18%) and 31 Unders (50.82%).

All combined games make these figures, 31 Overs (50.79%) and 31 Unders (49.21 %).

Now that you’ve got the Over/Under ammunition you need, it’s time to strike NFL gridiron gamblers!



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