Minnesota Vikings Vs. Green Bay Packers

Packers Look To Shine Sunday Night

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings
The Packers are 9 point favorites over the Vikings on Sunday Night Football.
Starts: 10/27/2013 8:30PM
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, 900 S. Fifth St.
Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Cheese heads are back on the road in this game traveling to Minnesota to take on the struggling Vikings. The Packers have shown that even through injury they can find the necessary guys to make the difference and as long as you have a QB like Aaron Rogers commanding the offense you´ll always be in the game. Minnesota is done for the season, with QB issues and a running back that is battling injuries and internal issues that seems to have his head away from football. This game will show a contrast as the Packers defense runs very similar to that of the Vikings, both are very fast off the edge and can affect the game with every play.

The Green Bay Packers know that they have the second hand guys in at receiver, they have had their share of issues but the surprising part has been their first round pick of running back Eddie Lacy who has really come into this team and carved his nitch in the offense with hard play. I see them turning to him early in this one to keep the Vikings defense attacking, then they will lean back and air the ball out for Jordy Nelson who has really set the bare for this team´s receivers.

The Vikings picked up QB Josh Freeman who looked just as bad as Ponder has this season, both are a lose lose so they really cannot do much worse, they need their pro bowler Adrian Peterson to really breakout and have the offense run through him for the time being so they can at least score some points and get what little momentum they can going. That will be their game plan for this game, not that I see it working at all…

What to expect:

The Packers are -9 in this one and there is really not much there to stop them, the Minnesota defense is really reduced to their defensive line and that’s about it right now, anything beyond that is open space for Aaron Rogers to surgically placer the ball where it needs to go to be as effective as possible, take Green Bay in this one, it will be yet another let down from the Vikings.

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