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Power Rankings Week 6

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos got a major scare in Week 5 but still managed to move up one spot in the weekly power rankings by squeaking past the Dallas Cowboys to remain undefeated. Denver overtook the Seattle Seahawks for the No.1 spots after Seattle took one on the chin from another apparently elite Super Bowl title contender the last time out.  

The Broncos are joined at the top of this week’s power rankings by the streaking New Orleans Saints, surprising Kansas City Chiefs and fun-to-watch Indianapolis Colts. As usual, this fun-filled weekly power rankings breakdown will inform and entertain NFL fans and gridiron gamblers across the globe.

1. Denver (5-0, up 1)
The broncos move up to the top spot by beating Tony Romo and the ‘Boys last week, but it should be noted that Denver’s defense looked anything but championship-like in the high-scoring 51-48 affair. Fortunately, they have a great remedy for their defensive performance…a Week 6 date against pitiful Jacksonville.

2. New Orleans (5-0, up 1)
Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints look like they’re the best team in the NFC at this point. Brees has made tight end Jimmy Graham his favorite target this season and completed 10 passes to the athletic youngster, who is on pace for a record-setting season for a tight end. Da Saints will square off in a huge Week 6 matchup against New England.

3. Kansas City (5-0, up 1)
The Chiefs have the best defense in the league (11.6 ppg) a quarterback that rarely turns in over in Alex Smith (3 Int’s) and a head coach in Andy Reid that knows offense, if nothing else.

4. Indianapolis (4-1, up 2)
The Broncos and Chiefs are both undefeated, but they’re both going to have their hands full if they meet Andrew Luck and the talented Colts in the postseason. The possibilities for this young team are literally, endless.

5. Seattle (4-1, down 4)
I’m not surprised that the Seahawks fell to Indianapolis, seeing as how they stole a win from Houston just one week prior. Despite their fall here, I still believe this team, barring a major injury, will reach the NFC title game at the very least this season.

6. New England (4-1, down 1)
The New England Patriots only dropped one spot in this week’s power ranking, mostly because I thought they weren’t nearly as good as their previously undefeated record indicated. Clearly the Pats have some issues to address as they get set to battle New Orleans.

7. San Francisco (3-2, up 4)
The Niners ran roughshod all over the suddenly beleaguered Texans, but that’s not exactly saying a whole lot these days. Still, Frisco looks like its back on track to contend for their second straight NFC title.

8. Cincinnati (3-2, up 4)
The Bengals looked fantastic in shutting down New England in its 13-6 Week 5 win. Now, a bit of consistency would be nice.

9. Baltimore (3-2, up 6)
The Ravens managed to squeak past Miami 26-23 last weekend, but the defending champs certainly aren’t firing on all cylinders.

10. Green Bay (2-2, up 6)
The Packers evened their record by manhandling the Lions the last time out. Another tough test awaits Green Bay as they face Baltimore this week.

11. Miami (3-2, down 3)
The Dolphins may have suffered a narrow home loss to Baltimore, but they really showed their mettle and validity this season if you ask me. The Fins get a bye in Week 6.

12. Chicago (3-2, down 2)
The Bears have been handed a couple of tough losses in each of their last two games and they both came against division rivals, but the fact of the matter is that they’re right in the hunt for a divisional title at this point.

13. Cleveland (3-2, up 4)
The Browns got a very nice win over Buffalo in Week 5 – under enigmatic signal-caller Brandon Weeden no less.

14. Tennessee (3-2, down 4)
The Titans looked pretty good in their 26-17 loss to Kansas City the last time out, particularly seeing as how Ryan Fitzpatrick was under center in place of injured starter Jake Locker.

15. NY Jets (2-2, up 12)
The Jets make a huge jump this week, thanks to their eye-opening performance against the Falcons on Monday night. Oh yeah…Mark Sanchez is totally done in the Big Apple with rookie Geno Smith looking very, very good against Atlanta.

16. Philadelphia (2-3, up 9)
I don’t know if the Eagles are as good as they looked in spanking the NFC East division rival Giants the last time out or if they simply benefited from playing against a team that apparently can’t walk and chew gum at the same time this season.

17. Washington (2-3, up 8)
The Redskins moved up a whopping eight spots despite having the week off after beating Oakland Raiders 24-14 in Week 4. More importantly, RG III is another week healthier and that could spell trouble for the Dallas Cowboys this weekend.

18. Detroit (2-3, down 11)
Detroit didn’t look very good in getting shut down 22-9 by Green Bay in its NFC North divisional battle. As crazy as it sounds, a Week 6 date against Cleveland may not be any easier.

19. Oakland (1-3, up 8)
The Raiders got a very impressive win 27-17 win over inconsistent San Diego last week, mostly because former backup quarterback Matt Flynn never got on the field. Oakland has a bye in Week 6.

20. Dallas (2-2, same)
The Cowboys gave the high-scoring Broncos all they could handle and then some in their 51-48 Week 5 home loss to Peyton Manning and company. A home date against a dangerous Washington team is on the docket for Week 6.

21. San Diego (2-2, down 7)
The San Diego Chargers are one of the most perplexing teams in the league and just keep underachieving despite their respectable roster talent level.

22. Buffalo (2-2, down 9)
The Bills took a tough loss on the chin in getting spanked by resurgent Cleveland the last time out.

23. Arizona (2-2, same)
I know Arizona shocked Carolina in their Week 5 matchup, but I remain unconvinced that this team is anything other than mediocre at best.

24. Houston (2-2, down 6)
I wrote it last week – and I’ll write it again…the Houston Texans are the worst ‘good’ team in football these days.

25. Atlanta (1-3, down 6)
The Atlanta Falcons are the second-worst ‘good’ team in the league right now, thanks to Houston’s ineptness.

26. St. Louis (2-3, up 2)
The Rams got a very nice win over the Washington Generals…er…I mean the Jacksonville Jaguars, in Week 5, but this team has a lot of room for improvement.

27. Carolina (1-3, down 6)
Carolina looked pretty damned bad in falling to mediocre Arizona last week, after pounding the Giants 38-0 in their Week 3 matchup to fool everyone into thinking they might actually be good this season. Right now, the jury’s still out.

28. Minnesota (1-3, down 6)
The Vikings got a bye lat week, but still fell because of the play of some other teams.

29. Tampa Bay (0-4, same)
If you don’t know now, you should know that it’s only a matter of time before head coach Greg Schiano gets fired, especially since trying to make his team believe that Mike Glennon is better than Josh Freeman.

30. Pittsburgh (0-4, same)
The Steelers got a bye in Week 5, but they don’t look very good at all right now. A Week 6 home date against the Jets could get them off the schneid.

31. NY Giants (0-5, same)
The Giants look like a hot mess on offense and defense with Eli Manning throwing picks like they’re going out of style and the defense giving up points like they’re going out of style.

32. Jacksonville (0-5, same)
The Jaguars actually scored 20 points in their Week 5 loss to St. Louis. I don’t know what that says about the Rams, but it isn’t good.

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