NFL Pro-Bowl Odds, Final Score Prediction, TV Schedule

NFL Pro-Bowl Odds, Final Score Prediction, TV Schedule

NFL Pro-Bowl Odds, Final Score Prediction, TV Schedule

Let’s face it the NFL Pro-Bowl sucks. While All-Star games in other sports, while equally unnecessary, are closer to real game action and play, the way football is played and the logistics involved doesn’t cater well to an All-Star game. The NFL knows this, and that’s why last year the league adapted a format from the NHL All-Star game to include a draft by two the NFL greatest players and personalities: Cris Carter and Michael Irving.

A Closer Look At The NFL Pro-Bowl Odds, My Final Score Prediction, TV Schedule

Matchup: Team Carter vs Team Irvin
Date: Jan. 24, 2015 
Start Time: 8:00 p.m. ET 
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Stadium: U of Phoenix Stadium
Point Spread: Team Carter -2

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Team Carter Will Beat Team Irvin If

  1. Luck and Brees throw the ball downfield to Green, Hilton, Brown and Nelson – Cris Carter drafted Andrew Luck first on Day 2 in order to get the ball downfield to his top pick, Pittsburgh wide receiver Antonio Brown. But, Brown isn’t the only wide receiver that Carter drafted. How about Luck’s go-to-guy T.Y. Hilton, Cincinnati top WR A.J. Green and Green Bay’s top guy Jordy Nelson?
  2. Play Andy Dalton sparingly – Sure, Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton is a Pro Bowler for a reason and Carter did pick up A.J. Green from the Bengals, but with Luck and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees in the fold, do you really need to give Dalton a lot of reps?  Nope, wouldn’t be prudent.
  3. Don’t rush the QB too much – J.J. Watt, Mario Williams, Justin Houston and Tamba Hali all ended up on Team Carter. That’s four of the top pass rushers in the NFL. But, this is a Pro Bowl. Nobody expects your guys to face plant Team Irvin’s quarterbacks. In fact, doing so could get you kicked out of the league. So, let your guys drop back in pass coverage. And try and pick the ball off.

Team Irvin Will Beat Team Carter If

  1. They run the ball – Michael Irvin drafted a couple of work horses in Dallas running back Demarco Murray and Denver running back C.J. Anderson.  Mark Ingram, New Orleans’ running back, can carry the load as well. Run the ball, chew up clock and keep it out of the hands of Luck and Brees.
  2. Utilize the Dallas Cowboys’ connection – Irvin played for the Cowboys. Jason Garrett , who coaches Team Irvin, is the Dallas Cowboys’ coach. Murray is the Cowboys running back, Jason Witten is the Cowboys’ tight-end and Tony Romo is the Cowboys’ starting quarterback. Why wouldn’t you utilize that familiarity to put points on the board?
  3. Play zone coverage in the secondary – Team Carter is obviously going to try and air it out. You don’t draft the four best receivers in the Pro Bowl and Andrew Luck and Drew Brees unless you want to air it out. Why not play zone coverage and have your Pro Bowl safeties read the QB’s eyes?

Bet On the Team Irvin to Beat Team Carter

Team Irvin has the upper hand in this game. The connection among all of the Dallas players, especially with Romo to Witten and Murray, just seems too strong for Team Carter to overcome.

Although Team Carter has the more name players, Team Irvin figures to present more consistency. Consistency should win out since nobody on defense is going to light up an offensive player. That’s just not what the Pro Bowl is all about.

My NFL Pro-Bowl Final Score Prediction:  Team Irvin 28, Team Carter 21