Tennessee Titans

The Rams really need to figure out their offense for this one

The Rams are yet again at a standstill with the injury bug, who this year decided to take away their starting QB. This is not a team that is really deep in the talent department or in the veteran area as well, they are really struggling to get an offense going that can move the ball down the field and create. The Titans are also in hard times as they have issues on both sides of the ball but a little more controlled then the Rams from what I see, mostly backups and small starters. I see a sleeper in this game, Titans QB Jake Locker; he passes the ball very well and has the ability to run it if given some room.

Tennessee Titans vs. St. Louis Rams
The Tennessee Titans are 3 point favorites over St. Louis Rams in week 9.
Starts: 11/03/2013 1:00PM
Edward Jones Dome, 701 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, Missouri


Tennessee knows that their days of scaring opponents with their running game are over but they have the ability to pass the ball well even into double coverage over the top. The QB seems to have gotten a grasp on things and looks better every time he touches the field, although a ways away from being a star. The Titans need to shift plays from running and passing, they have to look for an open tight end on the switch, while defensively Tennessee needs to stop the Rams over the middle passing game, something that really affected the Seahawks last week.

St. Louis has a very good defense, they rank 5 th against the run but have issues with the pass so I would not expect much from the Titans running game. I think that the Rams are going to run a lot of out routes to get the most yards after any catch. Their QB must become smarter with the ball and make his throws faster as to avoid those costly sacks 20 yards back. I think that if the Rams can build off their last second loss to Seattle, they can steal this one.

What to Expect:

Right now you can get the Rams +2.5 +100, one of the best prices out there, even buying the hook you would only lay -120 which is great. I do not see the Rams coming up short on defense and after another full week of practice their QB should be feeling much better to take the field with his team. This game is another one that you will want to take the dog; the Rams get the upset winning it 27 to 17.

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