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The Rams Will Cure the Texans’ Blues

Houston is now the proud owner of the new NFL record, unfortunately it’s not the good kind as they have thrown a pick six in their past five games. It’s a little more of a QB thing but in the end it’s a team sport so it runs through the team. The Rams are not the best defending team but have a fast reacting front five that have proven to be a hassle from QB’s with confidence issues. You can expect the throws to be limited in this game as he looks to get out of the funk so look for Arian Foster to really have a heavy game on his shoulders.

The question that remains is can the Texans be a team you can bet on against the spread week in and week out.

St. Louis Rams vs. Houston Texans
1:00 PM ET, October 13, 2013
Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX 
Coverage: FOX

The Rams have yet to win on the road but going into Texas the way the Texans are playing should be a good thing for this team, they will look to play more man coverage to use the linebackers in more of a press game plan. QB Sam Bradford has thrown the ball very well completing 126 of 216 passes for 1315 yards and 10 touchdowns, getting 6 different offensive players involved, while their defense has shown good air coverage they have opened the run game, having issues trying to plug the holes.

Houston has lost their last three games and need some momentum in order to get thing back in order, QB Matt Schaub is back on the hot seat as he needs to build his confidence and get his game on track. We also need to see more team unity on the side lines from everyone; they look like they have some internal problems that need to be addressed. This game will be a season changer for the Texans as they need to come up with a convincing win.

What to Expect:

The odds makers are still high on Houston making them a touchdown favorite in this game at home, I think they are going to have their bumps but in the end they will come up with the win and cover the spread as they rally past the Rams late in the third. I understand that the Rams will push the Texans around on defense but I don’t see them holding that up for the entire game, that’s why I’m giving this game to the Texans.

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