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Recent NFL Rule Changes That Could Change Losing Bets Into Winning Bets And Vice-Versa

Rules, rules, rules…while they’re a necessity in every walk of life, let’s be honest people…no one really likes rules…especially when they can swing a winning NFL bet into the losers column! as it did in the now, infamous Week 7 OT thiller between the Jets and Patriots.

Our sources say that it may well have been the NY Jets who waiting until the opportune time to inform the refs of the Pats’ push technique.

Thanks to a bit of in-depth research here are the new NFL rules that you need to be aware of that may affect the outcome of a future game.

Rules That Could Change a Winning NFL Bet into a Loser

Pushing a Teammate on Placement Kicks
The Jets won Sunday’s match against the Patriots after a new to this season, little-known rule was enforced, giving the Jets another chance after Patriots rookie Chris Jones was flagged for pushing teammate Will Svitek as they tried to disrupt kicker Nick Folk’s 56-yard field goal attempt, the first time the pushing rule was applied this season.

A 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty was assessed against the Patriots on the play, giving the Jets a first down and setting up Folk’s eventual game-winner from 42 yards to secure a 30-27 victory. The win improved the Jets to 4-3, surprising those who thought Gang Green would struggle this season.

New York eventually ended the game when Nick Folk nailed his second chance by drilling a 42-yard field goal. This outcome affected NFL bets on the Pats since the Jets were home underdogs.

Now, had Jones not been called for that 15-yard unnecessary roughness infraction, it’s quite possible that Tom Brady and the Patriots, with a short field, could have either marched in for a game-winning touchdown or, more likely, got into position for a game-winning field goal.

Dean Blandino, supervisor of NFL officials, explained the thought process behind the new rule change by saying, ”It’s interesting, because it is a new rule implemented for 2013. The genesis was…we were looking at field goals and extra points and players in a vulnerable position. There’s interlocked legs, a number of bodies, players pushing others into the formation. So the competition committee felt it needed to be addressed.”

DYK Alert!
Did You Know that…on field goal or extra point attempts, the defense cannot have more than six players on the line of scrimmage on either side of the snapper?

The Penalty: If they do, it will result in a 5 yard illegal formation penalty. 

Roughing the Holder
I can see why this penalty is used as the NFL, its fans – and its committed gamblers – would like this rule as many starting quarterbacks are holders for their respective teams. No one wants to see their bet go down the drain  because their team’s starting quarterback got sidelined because some idiot nailed a defenseless quarterback holding the ball for a kick. Still, I wouldn’t expect to see this one called very much as players everywhere will look to avoid the drama that would come with being called for this penalty, particularly in a crucial situation.

The Tom Brady…um…Tuck Rule
It’s about time the league trashed this ‘cheater’s rule’ that came into existence out of total obscurity to help Tom Brady and the Patriots beat Oakland in a 2001 playoff game. The rule is now gone and back to the way the NFL and football at all levels had previously used. If a quarterback has the football and loses control before he has fully protected it after choosing not to throw, it’s a fumble.

Peel Back Blocks
Peel back blocks are now a thing of the past NFL gridiron gamblers. A peel-back block can not be used anywhere on the field whereas in the past, it was used only outside the tackle box. A 15-yard penalty will be assessed for peel-back blocks, and I believe that’s a very good thing with many players taking cheap shots on totally unsuspecting players in the past.

Late Hits on the Ground
The league will put an emphasis on late hits on players that are already down. A 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty will be assessed for this infraction and once again, I believe that it is a very good rule for player safety. No one wants to see a guy diving into a pile late and cause an unnecessary injury.

Clock Stoppages
Pay attention clock management fanatics.
The NFL has always restarted the clock after any ball carrier has gone out of bounds, except in the final two minutes of the first half and final five minutes of the fourth quarter. During the regular season, the rule also applies to the final five minutes of overtime. Now however, unless a playoff game or Super Bowl reaches the final two minutes of a sixth period, the overtime rules will be the same used in the first half of any other game. Now, the kicking team will not benefit as there is no re-kick.

Palpably Unfair Act
The new rule states that…a referee can do whatever is equitable in certain situations in which an infraction, any infraction, occurs. 

I don’t like this rule change simple because it give the referee a bit too much freedom and I believe that the unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties cover this gray area already.

A Little Extra!
Supplemental Discipline for Player Safety Rule Violations
Think Brandon Merriweather everyone!

All violations of player safety rules are subject to potential fines or suspensions. All violations of rules regarding contact to the head of defenseless players shall be considered for suspension if: (1) the striking player took an unobstructed path, (2) the opponent’s position hasn’t been affected by another player, and (3) contact was clearly avoidable. Mitigating factors will be taken into account if they are available.

One or more prior violations of this type means the player will be suspended, even if there are mitigating circumstances.

Simply put, if you get busted for what the league deems as a cheap shot – and you don’t clean up your act – you’re looking at some unpaid time off pal – and I think that’s the way it should be.

Let’s be honest, some players are dirty – and that has no place in the game if you ask me as today’s high-speed NFL is already dangerous enough.

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