San Diego Chargers

RG3 has no choice but to carry this team to victory

Robert Griffin the third has become predictable in his running game and the wildcat seems to not be working now that defensive coordinators have figured it out. Washington looks slow off the line, they are missing that explosiveness they were known for last season. The Chargers are coming off back to back defensive stands even though they were against the Jaguars and Colts. San Diego needs to get more of the offense involved, they are missing that running game to avoid having an aging Philip Rivers dropping back 40 times a game as well as protecting him a little better.

San Diego Chargers vs. Washington Redskins
San Diego Chargers travel east to the nations capitol to take on the Washington Redskins
Starts: 11/03/2013 1:00PM
FedEx Field, 1600 FedEx Way
Landover, Maryland


San Diego is looking for that running back to come in and make the impact that Tomlinson once had, they are passing the ball 72% of the time, making them very predictable and easy to defend. The Chargers need to explore trade options for any type of running game. I think that the Chargers have to really keep the Redskins guessing on what’s coming out of the huddle. Defensively this team needs to add pressure on the QB like they have been doing only not giving up too much room for the running game, something Washington does have.


The Redskins have only won 2 games this season in part to RG3´s inconsistencies as well as a lack of top receivers and tight ends to make the offense run smoother. Their running game has gone down because of the lack of production; they went from averaging 6.8 yards a carry last season to 3.8 this season, with the same backs. Washing ton needs the element of surprise back, they need to push the ball and maybe no huddle it a few times to get something going.


What to expect:


This game is very close as both teams match up well against one another, the line opened at a pick, then favored Washington for a while , now back to a pick -120 on the Chargers. With all the struggles Washington has shown as well as the offensive scoring disability I cannot have faith in a team that has really not shown me anything. I think the Chargers are going to overpower them late in the second half controlling the clock as well as the ball possession and forcing the Redskins to get creative and careless, take the Chargers.

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