Saints and Lions Trade Spots This Season!

Falcons Vs Saints MNF Line & Pick

Saints and Lions Trade Spots This Season!

If I would have seen these numbers last season I would have never believed them… no way would the Lions have been beating the Saints in every offensive category as they do this season… New Orleans has yet to win a road game this year; at 0-3 they seem lost and un-prepared. The Lions are really opening my eyes to their style of play, they are fast, organized and hard hitting, they play the style of football that all fans loves.

New Orleans Saints vs. Detroit Lions
Coverage: FOX
1:00 PM ET, October 19, 2014
Ford Field, Detroit, MI

I keep expecting to see the Saints come out and have one of their regular games where they easily put up 40+ points but it’s just not there, it seems that QB Drew Brees and the rest of the offense are not on the same page at all. The tempo is too slow for this team and I don’t see anything to get the momentum going. Tight End Jimmy Graham, by far the best offensive weapon they have has really been their only escape and now other teams are even triple teaming him to force the pass to another receiver.

Detroit is one of those old school teams that make their presence felt through simple hard tackling, they attack the ball carrier with all they have and really add pressure to opposing QB’s to get rid of the ball quickly. They have some of the top linebackers so it’s hard for certain receivers to cut over the middle and go up for the ball knowing what’s waiting for them. Matthew Stafford looks great on the field, passing for over 1590 yards with 7 scores to 5 different offensive players.

Very important information for this game is that receiver Calvin “Megathron” Johnson might not be available to play because of an ankle injury. If that’s the case the line will move drastically. Vegas currently has the Lions favored by a field goal but that could flop over to the Saints if Johnson is really out. I say wait till closer to game time to know about the players, and go with Detroit if he is playing.