New Orleans Saints Vs. Buffalo Bills

Saints Try To Stay Perfect At Home

Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints are 11 point favorites over the Buffalo Bills.
Starts: 10/27/2013 1:00PM
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Sugar Bowl Drive
New Orleans, Louisiana


Undefeated at home is what the Saints bring to the table in this game as the banged up Bills will look to build on momentum that was given to them by the Dolphins in a last minute error last week. The Saints are still a pass first offense and will always be that way, their main target, tight end Jimmy Graham is still out with an injury so QB Drew Brees will have to make with what he has at receiver this week. The Bills are running with their back up QB as well as their back up tail back and a few receivers that have yet to carve their name into this League, this will be a fast pace game as the Bills will try to match the Saints style of play to keep the ball moving against a defense that is questionable at best.

Buffalo comes into this game with the understanding that their cornerbacks, safeties and middle linebackers will be has active as ever, crossing patterns and in-motion guys will make the Bills defense have to adjust at the last minute making things hard to in vision. The Bills have to protect their QB well and give him the time he needs to look down field, I expect them to run the ball and try to find the weak end of the curl and the Saints are not the best team against the run so any small hole could really mean a lot.

New Orleans Saints have seen their team fly, with their coach back from a year long suspension; it is amazing to watch just how much better this team is with him on the sidelines. They have also gotten better on defense after allowing 40,000+ total yards last season the most ever by a single team. They have a better pass defense but the running game still seems to work on them especially late in games. I predict that the Saints will make adjustments to the line to give a little more time for the young QB to look around while making sure the running game doesn’t pick up any big yards that they can build on.

What to expect:

With the books opening the line at the Saints -10.5 it´s has now reached -12 +105, everyone and their mothers are on the Saints at home and for once I will agree to that insane line just because of the difference of talent and the fact that the Saints play very well at home. This is that very rare moment that I will advise you to take the Saints up to -12.5, I see this being a slaughter game for the poor Bills.

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