Seahawks vs. Broncos – Which Team Should You Bet On?

Seahawks vs. Broncos – Which Team Should You Bet On?

Deciding who should you pick to bet on when it comes to the Super Bowl is the age old question of sports gamblers, and the tilt between the Seahawks and Broncos proposes a doozy of a question. Do you prefer the league’s best offense or defense? An eloquent loud mouth like Richard Sherman, or the stoic legend of Peyton Manning? Let’s dig through the matchup to help you narrow down a Super Bowl XLVIII bet.

Super Bowl XLVIII
The top teams from the AFC and NFC meet at MetLife Stadium on Feb 2nd for Super Bowl 48
Starts: 02/02/2014 6:30PM
MetLife Stadium
East Rutherford, New Jersey


Why Bet On The Seahawks To Win The Super Bowl(+3, +110 ML)

There’s no way around it. Seattle had the best defense in the league by far. They allowed the fewest amount of yards, points, passing yards and generated the most turnovers in the entire NFL. And they did all of that with absolute gusto and swagger, boasting the type of confidence you need to dethrone a player like Peyton.

Seattle also posted these numbers against one of the toughest schedules from 2013. The Seahawks faced a strength of schedule rating of .516, based on their opponents’ combined record of 130-122-4. By comparison, Denver had the easiest schedule in the entire league. Even with this tough stretch of games, Seattle continued to be insanely effective allowing just two games where quarterbacks threw for 250+ passing yards and four where they surrendered more than 150+ rushing yards.

The adage of “defense wins championships” has generally held true for the most part and definitely applies when answering the personal question of who should you pick to bet on at Super Bowl XLVIII. The group led by Richard Sherman has been rightly tested throughout the season, and they’ve met those challenges head on with incredible results.

So the next question is whether or not you think Seattle can score enough points offensively to go toe-to-toe with Peyton Manning. If we’re talking about defensive stats, it’s important to remember that Seattle was an average offensive team at best. They ranked 17th in total yards per game with 339.0 and though they scored 26.1 points per game, which was the 9th best overall, they’ve been slightly less effective in their last five games with an average of 24.6 points per game.

This being said, Seattle’s offensive style plays right against Denver’s weakness. If you’re going to take the Seahawks, you’re praying for a close game, and if the Seattle defense limits Manning’s production in the first half, then the Broncos will have their hands full of Skittles as Marshawn Lynch and one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL tries to storm their barracks. When deciding who should you pick to bet on, you have to see the game from all angles and Seattle owns a definitive advantage on the ground.

Denver’s rush defense was amongst the best in the league, averaging just 101.6 yards per game, but they were also challenged just 420 times on the ground. That’s the 25th fewest rushing attempts against any defense in the league this past season.

Statistically, answering the question of who should you pick to bet on at Super Bowl XLVIII boils down to Seattle. On paper, they’re a perfect opponent for Denver.

Why Bet On The Broncos To Win The Super Bowl (-3, -135 ML)

There is literally nothing I can write about Denver that you don’t already know. Peyton Manning is the best quarterback alive right now and he’s surrounded by the scariest offensive roster in the league. You also can’t deny how fantastic they’ve been as a spread busting team, going 8-3 ATS in their last 11 games overall despite the oddsmakers trying to bury them with heavy handicaps.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the general public has not been fretting the question of who should you pick to bet on at Super Bowl XLVIII. Almost three-quarters of the action has avalanched in on Denver’s side of this line, and the line of the thinking there is not only simple, it’s fairly astute as well. If Denver can pour on the points offensively and achieve a two-touchdown lead on the Seahawks, this game is virtually over. You can ask yourself who should you pick to bet on all day long if you like, but the simple answer is Denver. This offense has almost always found a way to get to the endzone, and they’re designed to either mount massive leads or chase you down from behind.

Seattle isn’t engineered the same way. They impose their will on you and try to break you, but have been frankly fortunate to get through the playoffs already. Drew Brees had his way with Seattle in the opening round, posting 309 yards passing. If he had a deeper receiving corps – like Manning does – he might have very well won that game. Did I mention that Brees did almost all of his damage in the second half when the rain stopped?

And when you discuss strengths and weaknesses of both teams, you have to openly wonder if Russell Wilson has a big game in him. Percy Harvin should be back for this game, but he’ll have trouble getting past Antonio Cromartie and the rest of the receivers in Seattle aren’t really worth mentioning by name. The lack of experience Wilson has in a big game like this, coupled with the fact that he may not have it in him to keep with Manning through the air, gives Denver the upper hand. As I said earlier, they can pile up the points early and force you in to a desperate situation and nobody will ever feel comfortable leading a game with Peyton Manning’s arm and that talented offense around him.

To boil this down even further, you need to understand that Seattle needs the Super Bowl to pan out a specific way for them to win. Denver doesn’t. When you lay your money down this weekend you need to ask yourself who should you pick to bet on at Super Bowl XLVIII, and while Seattle holds a lot of enticing stats and trends on their side, Denver and Peyton Manning seem like they can withstand any type of challenge because – so far – they have.

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