NFL Kick-off Week Super Bowl 50 Odds

NFL Season Kick-off Week Super Bowl 50 Odds

The 2015 NFL preseason was the most eventful in recent memory. We had Deflategate, injuries to stud players (Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin, Maurkice Pouncey to name a few) and suspensions (Le’Veon Bell, Martavis Bryant, Brady’s un-suspension).

Speaking of Brady’s vacated suspension. The odds for the Patriots season opener vs the Steelers have shifted to favor the Pats. And let’s take a look how Brady’s un-suspension affected the Super Bowl 50 odds. Click here to view odds after Brady’s suspension was announced.

Who Should You Bet On To Win Super Bowl 50

Seattle +550 – The defense looks great. The problem is with the offensive line. If the offensive line doesn’t come together, Seattle could be in some trouble. The O-Line had issues protecting QB Russell Wilson during the pre-season. Cutting the guy that was supposed to take over for C Max Unger, whom they traded to New Orleans for TE Jimmy Graham, may not have been a great move.

Green Bay +600 – The odds seem awfully light for a team that still has question marks on defense and lost their best wide receiver. QB Aaron Rodgers should be okay with WR Randall Cobb as his go to guy. The issue might be how Cobb reacts to being the number one option. Sometimes, WR’s don’t respond well.   

New England +650 – The odds on New England went from double-digits to win the Super Bowl to third choice in sports books after Judge Berman threw out Tom Brady’s suspension. Brady is motivated. So is the rest of the Patriots’ team. New England should probably be the favorite because in one fell swoop they not only got back their quarterback but they got back the unquestioned leader of their team. With everybody else having questions with their teams, the Pats might be the pick to win it all again, especially at their current odds.   

Indianapolis +800 – The defense is still a question mark. Plus, the schedule looks brutal. Expect Indianapolis to have some trouble in their Week 1 matchup with Buffalo. That could determine what their Super Bowl 50 winning odds are moving forward.

Philadelphia +1200 – Bet on Philadelphia now if you believe. The offense looks like one of the best in recent memory. Philadelphia can throw with Sam Bradford at QB or run with both DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. Let’s not forget about Darren Sproles. They’ll score a ton of points. Byron Maxwell at cornerback is huge for this team’s defense. One of the picks at the odds.

Denver +1400 – How much does Peyton Manning have left?  That’s the real question. Denver’s rushing attack should be plenty good with C.J. Anderson and Ronny Hillman. The defense looked terrific during the pre-season. If Peyton is able to return to form, the Thoroughbreds will have a shot.  

Dallas +1500 – Losing Orlando Scandrick, one of their starting corners, will significantly hurt this defense’s ability to stop the run. Watch out Dallas fans. Philadelphia and the Giants have very good offenses this season.

Baltimore +1800 – The defense appeared just okay during the pre-season. Coach John Harbaugh is one of the best in the league. This team will be a playoff contender but expecting a Super Bowl win is wishful thinking.

Pittsburgh +2000 – Pittsburgh’s first 4 games are at New England, vs San Francisco, at St. Louis and vs. Baltimore. The Steelers could go 1 and 3. They’ll be without RB Le’Veon Bell for the first 3 games. They’ll be without WR Martavis Bryant for the first 4 games. They’ll be without starting C Maurkice Pouncey for a lot longer than that. Pittsburgh is a long shot to even make the playoffs now.

Miami +2800 – If you believe in QB Ryan Tannehill, the odds are great. If you don’t, the odds are terrible. Miami faces an uphill battle now that Brady is the starter under center in New England again.

Minnesota +2800 – This is the team to watch in the NFC. Green Bay, Seattle, and Dallas, all have question marks. Don’t be surprised if Philadelphia and Minnesota are battling each other for the best record in the NFC this season.  

Kansas City +3500 – The odds are decent on a team that added a top flight WR in Jeremy Maclin to go along with one of the most dynamic players in the league in RB Jamal Charles. The defense should be strong.  

Arizona +4000 – Unless they discover how to play the pass, Arizona won’t go far in the playoffs. The schedule is significantly more difficult this season than last season.

Buffalo +4000 – Unless they find a real quarterback, this team won’t go far in the playoffs, either. The defense will be dynamite but eventually Buffalo will have to outscore a team or two in order to get into the playoffs.

New Orleans +4000 – If the defense comes together, the Saints could be an underdog to win the Super Bowl in 2016. The offense looked really good during the pre-season.

San Diego +4000 – The defense might have some issues and fist round draft choice Melvin Gordon hasn’t been tearing it up as the running back. Questions remain.

Atlanta +4500 – New head coach Dan Quinn will put together a decent defense, but it may not be good enough to turn Atlanta around. Also, who will run the football? 

Cincinnati +4500 – QB Andy Dalton doesn’t appear to have the ability to lead a team in the playoffs. The defense can and should step it up but a late-season swoon, like every season it seems, might be what happens.

Detroit +4500 – No Ndamukong Suh, who went to Miami, means that the D just won’t have it this season. The offense is led by a QB that makes mistakes.

New York Giants +5500 – The Giants are an underdog with a shot. The offense should be great if Rashad Jennings, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. stay healthy. But, the defense needs some work.

Carolina +6000 – QB Cam Newton lost his best wide receiver in Kelvin Benjamin. It looks like another tough year for the offense in Carolina.

Houston +6000 – Unless QB Brian Hoyer turns into former Oakland Raiders’ great Rich Gannon, the Texans won’t make playoffs. This is true even with the great defense.

San Francisco +7000 – The defense should be better than many believe, but the offense has looked terrible. No chance.

St. Louis +7000 – This underdog has an outside shot to win the Super Bowl. If the offense comes together, watch out. The defense rocks.  

Chicago +8000 – It’s hard to see Chicago doing much in coach John Fox’s first season. Jay Cutler won’t all of a sudden become a great QB.

New York Jets +10000 – Low odds on a team with no shot. Pass.

Oakland Raiders +12000 – The Raiders will surprise because the D is very good. But, QB Derek Carr needs a bit more seasoning.

Cleveland +15000 – This team doesn’t look like it has much shot at all of winning the Super Bowl.

Tampa Bay +20000 – QB Jameis Winston might get knocked out for the season after the first or second game. That’s how bad the offensive line is.

Washington +20000 – Washington just decided on who their starting quarterbacks is. That’s not a good sign.  

Jacksonville +25000 – QB Blake Bortles is much improved, but not improved enough to lead the Jags to a Super Bowl.

Tennessee +35000 – The Titans won’t be the worst team in the NFL. They’ll be the third worst team in the NFL.

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