Pittsburgh Steelers New England Patriots

Struggling Steelers need to really make an impact here

The Patriots have yet to lose on their home fields this season and I really do not see that happening against the 2-5 Steelers who seem to be playing in a different League as they miss tackles and drop balls. New England has lost a good amount of its starters on the O-line as well and the D-line but I still see them being able to get around the Steelers and hurrying big Ben up more than he will enjoy. This game will be more of a passing game from Pittsburgh compared to a half running game and half tight end momentum offense for the Patriots.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots
The New England Patriots are 6 point favorites over the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 9.
Starts: 11/03/2013 4:25PM
Gillette Stadium, One Patriot Place
Boston, Massachusetts


The Steelers have watched their season go completely down the toilette because of their lack of attention in the offseason to the players they lost, while the lack of youth is also present. Pittsburgh has one of the worst running offensive games in the NFL, so it’s not really going to be a major part of their scoring tactics while the passing game has suffered because of the aging and seemingly out of shape QB Ben Roethlisberger.

Tom Brady and the Patriots are still alive in the playoff hunt as long as they keep winning, with a few teams ahead of them they are looking to get their receivers back healthy so Brady will have someone of confidence to throw to until his tight end is back in full shape. I expect a decent running offense from the patriots because of the holes that Pittsburgh is known for opening, while I think we will see a variety of passing options through players that are looking to get their name out there.

What to expect

New England is favored by a touchdown and I see that as a great line. The Steelers will come out of the funk eventually but it will not be in this game, the Patriots have too many options and a much better running game to control the clock and keep the Steelers defense on the field. I like the Patriots to win this game by 10 or more so at -7 it’s a steal.

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