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Super Bowl XLIX INT Battle Richard Vs Revis

Superstar defensive backs Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman will finally take their feud to the field on the biggest stage in the world. Super Bowl XLIV. How did it begin? As all feuds do these days, on Twitter. It was one of the few Twitter-born beefs that was actually interesting.

Super Bowl XLIX
New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks
Date: Feb 1st, 2015 
Kickoff: 6:30 p.m. ET 
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Stadium: U of Phoenix Stadium
Point Spread: Pick ‘Em
Game Total: 47.5
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TV Info: NBC
Live Stream: NBCSports.com
Radio: Patriots Vs. Seahawks

Play by Play: Al Michaels
Color Commentary: Cris Collinsworth
Sideline: Michele Tafoya
Pregame Hosts: Bob Costas & Dan Patrick
Halftime Analysts: Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison & Hines Ward
Vince Lombardy Trophy Presenter: Dan Patrick

The Beginning of the Richard Vs Revis Feud

Some two years and four scores ago, there was an up-and-coming defensive star on the Seattle Seahawks named Richard Sherman. No one knew why he was chirping. He was drafted in the fifth round by a team that was well into its rebuilding years. He didn’t have a big contract. Nor a ring, yet he kept comparing himself to the best in the league and that was a corner playing for the Jets named Darrelle Revis.

Sherman took a page from the very entertaining WWE star-building playbook and spent the majority of the 2012 season publicly comparing himself to Revis. It was brilliant marketing. Sherman was building a brand. Remember, up to this point no-one outside of Washington knew who Sherman was. No one was talking about him. No one was writing about him, so the patient Sherman continued nudging and prodding and poking Revis until Revis had enough.

Notice how Revis delibertly includes Sherman’s twiter handle in his tweet.

That’s Revis bringing Falcons’WR Roddy White into the conversation.

Sherman was quick to reply and seemingly end the feud until Super Bowl XLIX.

Now, how will both of these future hall of famers alter the most epic display of offense and defense in a Super Bowl? Let’s find out.

A Closer Look At The Super Bowl 49 INT Battle Richard Vs Revis

The interception battle between Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis could very well decide who wins Super Bowl 49 this Sunday. Whichever player gets the most interceptions, or if one player gets an interception and the other doesn’t, will be the player that gives his team an advantage for the Lombardi Trophy.

Revis has some advantages on the field over Richard that could lead to more picks. For one, Revis has the ability to shut down an opponent’s best wide receiver. On Sunday, it’s likely that Revis will play zone, though, since Seattle doesn’t have a designated best wide receiver. Revis could end up guarding Kearse, but Seattle might try and get the ball to Baldwin, in which case Revis, because Browner is a good cornerback as well, might line-up opposite Baldwin and Browner will guard Kearse.

If Revis becomes a freelancer in the defensive backfield, he might get more picks than Richard Sherman, who strictly covers the left side of the field, but it’s doubtful. The problem that Revis has in the interception battle with Richard is one of style. Seattle is a run first team. It’s likely that they’re going to run Russell Wilson more from the QB position as well on Sunday than they did against Green Bay.

New England is not a run first team. In order for New England to beat the Seahawks, Tom Brady is going to have to throw the ball like the crazy. Seattle is one of the best run stopping squads in the NFL. It’s doubtful that New England will rush the ball more than 20 times in the Super Bowl. Every time that Tom Brady puts the ball into the air, Richard, because he’s the best cornerback in the league, could possibly pick it off.

Richard’s chances at an interception depends on how the Seattle defensive coaches decide to use him. They’d be wise to give Richard the ability to leave his man and read Brady’s eyes. Richard has incredible breaking speed, like Kam Chancellor, and allowing him to go to the football is probably the best way for Richard to grab a pick or two.

If Richard Sherman does intercept Tom Brad y2 or more times in this game it means the Brady is looking for big yards because the Pats are behind and Seattle will probably be on their way to a second consecutive Super Bowl victory.

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