Super Bowl 49 Odds On Beast Mode Beating Blount

Super Bowl 49 Odds On Beast Mode Beating Blount

Super Bowl 49 Odds On Beast Mode Beating Blount

Is LeGarrette Blount a poor man’s Marshawn Lynch?

Marshawn Beast Mode Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks are returning to their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance in as many seasons on Feb. 1, while LeGarrette Blount and the Patriots have made it back to the biggest spectacle in sports for the first time since their heart breaking 2012 loss to the New York Giants. 

Bill Belichick’s diabolical defensive-minded schemes have gone up against the NFL’s most enigmatic running back Marshawn Lynch five times thus far. Surprisingly in those five games, Lynch has failed not only failed to hit a 100 yards in any of those games, he wasn’t even close to making a dent in the Patriots D.

Combined in those 5 games, Lynch has ran for just 265 yards and one touchdown on 70 attempts against Belichick’s defenses. However, Lynch has faced Belichick only once since transforming into "Beast Mode" and in that matchup, Lynch ran for only 41 yards on 15 attempts, a whooping 2.7 yards per carry. That was two years ago.

Belichick will likely toss out that playbook and look to film on Lynch since that game to figure out how his front seven can do to keep Lynch at bay. Belichick also has a new toy he can display during Super Bowl 49 that he didn’t have during these two teams last matchup. That toy is LeGarrette Blount, who many consider to be a poor man’s Beast Mode, but after being unceremoniously dumped by the Steelers mid-season, he has a lot to prove.

While Lynch and Blount are similar in stature and both play a smash mouth brand of football, Blount has a distinctive edge when it comes to the tale of the tape. Lynch comes in at 5-11 and 215 pounds while Blount is 6-0 and 250 pounds. Both of these backs run like through defenders and won’t go down at first contact.

Analyzing The Super Bowl 49 Odds On Beast Mode Beating Blount

Super Bowl 49 Blount vs Lynch Betting Props

  • L. Blount rushing yards +29½ -115 
  • M. Lynch rushing yards -29½ -115


  • L. Blount rushing yards -19½ -115 
  • R. Wilson rushing yards +19½ -115

Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch should be rumbling his way to over 100 yards on the ground in Super Bowl 49. Beast Mode, because it’s the Super Bowl, might very well turn it on in the first quarter instead of waiting for the second half before getting the “Beast” going.

Lynch rushed for 157 yards against Green Bay’s defense in the NFC Championship game. He’s also used to rushing against some of the best run defenses in the NFL since the Seahawks play in the tough NFC West where St. Louis, Arizona and San Francisco reside. Beast Mode should be able to take advantage of a New England defense that allows 109.3 yards per game on the ground, not bad, but gave up 218 yards to the New York Jets in the first regular season game between the two and 116 yards to the New York Jets in the second game between the two.

The Baltimore Ravens, whose top running back, Justin Forsett, isn’t as close to being as good as Marshawn Lynch, rushed for 136 yards against the Patriots in the divisional round. Beast Mode, no doubt, is going to get his.

But, and it pains me to write this, even if Marshawn gets beastly way before the fourth quarter, New England may not care. The bottom line for the Patriots is that LeGarrette Blount could very well only get 6 to 10 carries in this game. New England may have already decided to attack the Seahawks a different way than pounding it inside with Blount.

The Patriots have that luxury. The Seahawks don’t. In order for Seattle to win, they have to get Beast Mode going early. New England could utilize Blount, like they did against Baltimore when Blount had 3 carries for 1 yard, just to keep Seattle’s defense honest.

Beast Mode is definitely going to get more yards than LeGarrette Blount, but it won’t be a deciding factor in the Super Bowl.

My Super Bowl 49 prediction is that Bill Belichick will stop Beast Mode and Blount will outshine Lynch on the stat sheet.