Super Bowl 49 Odds On Russell Wilson Beating Tom Brady

Super Bowl 49 Odds On Russell Wilson Beating Tom Brady

Phenom QB Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks are returning to their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance in as many seasons on Feb. 1, while Tom Brady and the deflated Patriots have made it back to the biggest championship game in sports for the first time since their gut-wrenching 2012 loss to the G-men.

Brady was winning Super Bowls while Wilson was still in high-school.

“Of course I remember watching Brady,” Wilson said Tuesday. “He won some incredible games. Incredible comebacks. Incredible throws. Incredible plays. Hopefully he doesn’t make too many incredible ones this year.”  

This Sunday they go head-to-head for the most coveted ring in sports. Super Bowl XLIX.

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Analyzing The Super Bowl 49 Odds On Russell Wilson Beating Tom Brady

Russell Wilson vs Tom Brady Super Bowl 49 Odds On Most Passing Yards

  • T. Brady passing yards 39½ -125 
  • R. Wilson passing yards +39½ -105

Russell Wilson had the worst game of his life against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. Wilson ended the game with a 44.3 QB rating. How terrible is that?  But as bad as Wilson was, the Seahawks won the game and Russell figures to make amends in the Super Bowl.

This is especially true if New England’s defense decides to stop Seattle’s rushing game. Russell Wilson threw for 200 yards or more in 11 out of the 19 games that Seattle has so far played this season. He threw for 3475 yards and he completed 63.1% of his passes. He also tossed 20 touchdowns to only 1 pick and he has an advantage over Tom Brady in the sense that Russell can run with the football and run well with it.

But all of that may not be enough for Russell to beat Tom Brady in their individual matchup. The reason is mainly because of how the two offenses are structured. Everything for the Patriots goes through Brady. Brady is the final decision maker on the football field. He can decide to change a run play to a pass play and vice versa. He’s going to have more weapons than Russell in the passing game and, everybody knows this, even a Seattle fan like me, the Patriots’ lone shot at beating the Seahawks is if Tom Brady has a great game.

As hard as New England RB LeGarrette Blount will try to chew up the yards on the field, he won’t make a dent in Seattle’s top rush defense. Brady is going to have to pass for close to 300 yards and Gronkowski and Edelman are probably going to have to have a touchdown each for the Patriots to beat the Seahawks.

Brady’s numbers should be better than Wilson’s. If they’re too much better than Russell’s, and it could happen, New England will beat the defending champs. 

My Super Bowl 49 prediction is Wilson will out duel Brady on the stat sheet, but lose the game.

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