Super Bowl 50 Opening Odds

Super Bowl 50 Opening Odds

They hadn’t even handed Carolina the trophy for the NFC Championship and already Las Vegas had set the odds for Super Bowl 50. The internet is an amazing thing.

If you live off the grid and missed a great Conference Championship Sunday, then let’s catch you up. The Denver Broncos beat the 3-point favored New England Patriots 20 to 18 on Sunday, January 24 to claim the AFC Championship crown. A few hours later, top-seeded Carolina stamped their ticket to Super Bowl 50 by routing the second-seeded Arizona Cardinals 49 to 15. Now that the 2 teams battling it out in Super Bowl 50 have been set, it’s time to take a closer look at the opening Super Bowl 50 betting odds.

A Closer Look At The Super Bowl 50 Opening Odds

What: Super Bowl 50
Who: Carolina Panthers (15-1) vs Denver Broncos (12-4)
When: Sunday, February 7, 2015
Kickoff: 6:30 PM ET 
Where: Santa Clara, CA
Stadium: Levi’s Stadium
Spread: Panthers -4.5
Moneyline: Carolina -190 vs Denver +165
Game Total: 45.5
Watch: CBS
Stream: CBS Sports
Listen: Carolina vs Denver

What Is The Super Bowl 50 Spread?

It’s difficult to not make the Carolina Panthers a -4 point favorite over the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50. Carolina was not supposed to be this good this season. The Panthers were a 60 to 1 shot to win the Super Bowl before the season started. Up until 3 weeks ago, Carolina was less of a favorite to win the Super Bowl before Arizona, the team that they destroyed 49 to 15 on Sunday.

Carolina waltzed through the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks 31 to 24 in the Divisional Round. They manhandled Arizona in the NFC Championship Round. If anything, Carolina should be a -6 point favorite, right?

Well, maybe not. The odds look fair considering that Carolina played only 1 team this season that could be considered one with a great defense. Carolina beat that team, Seattle, twice this season. But, as most football analysts know, Seattle plays a zone defense in the secondary. That’s why Cam destroyed them in the first half of the second game. Once you get the rushing game going against Seattle, they have trouble stopping the pass because they have to sneak Kam Chancellor up the line of scrimmage.

Denver won’t have to do that. Denver’s linebackers are good enough to not only stop Carolina’s rushing game but they’re also good enough to guard Cam’s best weapon, tight-end Greg Olsen. So, what it means is that the -4 point ATS line is probably right where it should be. Not that the betting line is going to stay at -4.

What Is The Super Bowl 50 Over/Under?

The game total of 45.5 is a tight rope walk between Carolina’s explosive offense and Denver’s league leading defense. The Panthers are the top scoring team in the NFL. Carolina averages a Pac 12 college football like 31.2 points per game. The Denver Broncos average 22.2 points per game, which should clue football handicappers into a problem with the total. If Carolina is only a -4 point favorite on the spread, how can the total possibly be 45.5? If Denver hits its average on offense, it’s likely that the Broncos win the football game, which should have made them the favorite. If Carolina hits its average on offense, it’s likely that they blow out the Broncos by way more than 4 points.

But, maybe, that’s the point with the total. It pushes parlay wager in the sports book. After all, if you really love Denver at +4, or to even win the game outright, you have to like Denver at +4 to under 45.5, right? Then again, if you really love Carolina giving up 4 points is nothing. Plus, you have to like the over because Carolina should be good for over 30 by themselves, right?

The best thing to say about the total is that at the open, it’s fair. It’s fair enough for Denver bettors to put into their parlay if they like Broncos at +4. It’s also fair enough for Carolina bettors to put it into their parlay if they like the Panthers at -4.

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