Latest Super Bowl 51 Picks

Latest Super Bowl 51 Picks

It is go time to take advantage of some Super Bowl 51 betting odds, and this is your latest Super Bowl 51 picks to take advantage of.

Super Bowl 51 will be here sneaky fast after the Holidays and played on Sunday, February 5th, 2017 in Houston, Texas at NRG Stadium. The Houston Texans play there in the regular season but I wouldn’t even entertain a bet on them making it this year, though they have a slight chance at 50/1 by Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl 51 Odds & Picks

The plethora of Super Bowl 51 picks I have listed here give you a chance to weigh which options make sense to you as the reader, and I have covered all the angles. Do you want to know who the wise guys are on or where your beloved Patriots fall in the list? Well, I got ‘em along with your Seahawks, your Chiefs and the rest of the NFL Odds for teams with a chance.

Odds-On Favorite Pick To Win Super Bowl 51: New England 9/5

The Patriots opened up at 8/1 to win the Super Bowl, but that was when Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games that they ended up going 3-1 on. Also who could’ve predicted that 39-year-old Tom Brady would have an MVP year while missing 4 games, but that is not the main reason they are dominating opponents and the Super Bowl 51 betting favorite.

The New England defense is the reason they are on pace to win another Super Bowl. They have quietly been one of the best overall defenses in the NFL and are ranked 2nd in points allowed per game with 17.7.

Super Bowl 51 Smart Pick:  Kansas City 8/1

If you’re looking for the team that can give the New England Patriots a run for Super Bowl 51, the Chiefs are that team and also in the American Conference. Kansas City has the defensive skills needed to give any team a tough time as they just proved by limiting Derek Carr to less than 2.9 yards per attempt and ending his MVP chances.

Alex Smith is a conservative game manager that helps keep their mistakes at a minimum on offense while they capitalize on opponent’s mistakes with Kansas City’s 2nd ranked defense in turnovers forced.

Super Bowl 51 Longshot Pick: Green Bay Packers 18/1

The team that you want to make Super Bowl bets as a longshot is the Green Bay Packers at 18/1, and you should bet them now before the football betting line goes down on them. They play the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions to close, and unless Adrian Peterson plays for the Vikings the Packers should win all 3 games.

Aaron Rodgers has 8 straight games with multiple TD passes, and that chip on his shoulder from the team having a slow start should carry them deep into playoffs and maybe Super Bowl LI.

Super Bowl 51 Sharp Pick Betting: Seattle Seahawks 6/1

The Sharp or Wise Guys pick for Super Bowl 51 is the experienced veterans on the Seattle Seahawks which could set up a rematch of Super Bowl XLIX versus the New England Patriots.

You don’t hear much about the Seahawks, but they are 3rd ranked in points allowed at 17.8 per game and they allow the 8th least total yards per game this year. They also put up the 13th most yards on offense per week, so do NOT count Seattle out!

My PERSONAL Pick Win Super Bowl 51: Kansas City Chiefs 8/1

I think the Kansas City Chiefs keep every team they play in their game plan where they always seem to have a chance to win at the end. The defensive backfield is one of the strongest in the NFL with Marcus Peters and Terrance Mitchell leading them to many Pick-6 touchdowns this year.

With Justin Houston back, he and Dee Ford make sure QBs are running for their lives before they get sacked! In my opinion, this is my latest Super Bowl 51 Pick to Bet based on odds, momentum, offense, defense, and intangibles. JUST BET SUPER BOWL 51 ODDS on KANSAS CITY CHIEFS and thank me later!


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Super Bowl 51 Picks

Super Bowl 51 is steamrolling towards us. The game kicks-off on Sunday, Feb. 5, at NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans. Reliant Stadium’s lone other Super Bowl was one of the wildest in game history, with the Patriots knocking off the Panthers 32-29 in Super Bowl XXXVIII. (We’ll have to see if the roof will be closed this time.)

Now let’s find out who are best betting picks to win Super Bowl 51 are. Click here for the latest NFL Super Bowl betting odds.


Who is the favorite to win Super Bowl 51? New England? Seattle? Who is the smart bet, Dallas or Oakland? Is there a longshot team that could upset the chalk for the Lombardi Trophy? Maybe the New York Giants are the underdog pick? Keep reading for the latest Super Bowl 51 betting picks.


The Patriots proved that they are the class of the AFC when beating Baltimore 30 to 23 in Week 14. The rest of New England’s schedule is downright easy. Road games against Denver and Miami and a home battle versus the Jets means that the Pats shouldn’t lose again…until the playoffs. That’s right. Betting on New England doesn’t make sense first, because of the odds, and second, because they aren’t that much better than a few other teams in the NFL.


Kansas City has truly heated up. The defense has become one of the best units in the NFL. It held off the Saints offense about two months ago in a win. It held Atlanta to 28 points in a huge 29 to 28 win in the Georgia Dome on Dec. 4. What’s great about this team is how Tyreek Hill has helped Andy Reid open the offense. The Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders 21 to 13 in Week 14 while only rushing for 65 yards. A KC team that doesn’t have to rush the football well to win a game is a scary thought.     


The acid test is this Sunday in Big D where Tampa Bay is a +7 road dog. Kansas City has gone 8-1 straight up in their last 9 games. Their only loss was 17 to 19 at home to Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers aren’t winning by having Jameis Winston throw the football 30 times a game. They’re winning with one of the best defenses in the NFL and a resurgent rushing attack.

Tampa has won 5 straight where only San Diego broke through the 20 point barrier with 21 points in a 28 to 21 Tampa win. Seattle could score only 5 points against Tampa’s defense in defeat. The Saints could score only 11 points in defeat. The Bucs are tied for first place in the NFC South with Atlanta. Games against Dallas, Carolina, and New Orleans are left on their schedule. If they run the table, the 40 to 1 odds will go all the way down to 6/1.


The sharps are all over the Dallas Cowboys. Opening odds were 14 to 1 on Big D to take home the Lombardi Trophy in 2016. The odds drifted to 25 to 1 after Week 1 when Dallas lost 19 to 20 to the New York Giants. Now, the odds are all the way down to 4 to 1. The reason the sharps love Dallas is because the NFC is seen as being relatively weak this season while the strength of the AFC is obvious. Dallas is 11-2. They are in firm control of the NFC East Division as well as on the fast track to home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


The New York Giants are the only team to have beaten the Dallas Cowboys this season. The Giants, surprisingly, have one of the best defenses in the NFL. It dominated Dallas in the 10 to 7 win on Dec. 11. The Giants are 9-4 straight up. Unless they implode, they should make the playoffs. At 18/1, they’re the best bet on the board.  


Odds as of Dec. 13

New England Patriots 8-1 6-1 9-5
Dallas Cowboys 14-1 25-1 4-1
Seattle Seahawks 8-1 8-1 6
Kansas City Chiefs 20-1 20-1 8
Pittsburgh Steelers 8-1 10-1 10
Oakland Raiders 50-1 20-1 14
New York Giants 40-1 18-1 18
Green Bay Packers 10-1 8-1 18
Atlanta Falcons 40-1 80-1 20
Detroit Lions 40-1 60-1 25
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50-1 80-1 40
Washington Redskins 40-1 25-1 50
Houston Texans 40-1 16-1 50
Denver Broncos 20-1 25-1 50
Minnesota Vikings 20-1 20-1 50
Baltimore Ravens 30-1 30-1 60
Indianapolis Colts 20-1 20-1 60
Miami Dolphins 50-1 80-1 60
Tennessee Titans 50-1 80-1 60
Arizona Cardinals 10-1 8-1 80
New Orleans Saints 40-1 80-1 500
Buffalo Bills 30-1 60-1 500
Carolina Panthers 12-1 12-1 500
Philadelphia Eagles 40-1 100-1 XXXX
San Diego Chargers 50-1 50-1 XXXX
Cincinnati Bengals 12-1 20-1 XXXX
Los Angeles Rams 50-1 100-1 XXXX
New York Jets 30-1 50-1 XXXX
Jacksonville Jaguars 50-1 50-1 XXXX
Chicago Bears 40-1 80-1 XXXX
San Francisco 49ers 60-1 200-1 XXXX
Cleveland Browns 200-1 200-1 XXXX


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