Super Bowl LI Odds

Super Bowl LI Odds & Predictions

The NFL playoffs are here. After a grueling five-month regular season, the field for the 2016-17 NFL playoffs is set, and the latest Super Bowl odds have been released.

If you are ready to bet on Super Bowl LI, we’ll take a look at the odds, the favorites, the contenders and the pretenders for you to analyze before you bet the big game.

Super Bowl LI Odds

Team Odds
New England Patriots (14-2) 6-4
Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5) 17-2
Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) 10-1
Houston Texans (9-7) 80-1
Oakland Raiders (12-4) 100-1
Miami Dolphins (10-6) 100-1
Team Odds
Dallas Cowboys (13-3) 19-4
Green Bay Packers (10-6) 15-2
Atlanta Falcons (11-5) 8-1
New York Giants (11-5) 10-1
Seattle Seahawks (10-5-1) 12-1
Detroit Lions (9-7) 80-1

The Odds-On Favorite To Win Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots 6-4

Four games without Tom Brady brought into question the Pats’ ability to win without the future Hall of Fame quarterback and then a shocking midseason trade of Jamie Collins and a season-ending injury to Rob Gronkowski took away the team’s two best players from last season. 

And yet New England won 14 games. Now the only question that remains is: Who is going to beat the Patriots?

The Raiders and Dolphins aren’t going to beat the Pats with backup quarterbacks. The Texans aren’t going to beat the Patriots with Osweiler or Savage at quarterback. It comes down to the Steelers and Chiefs, which just seem one level shy of Bill Belichick’s team, even with late-season surges. 

After #DeflateGate, there’s only one way that Brady is going to let this season end — with Roger Goodell handing him a trophy. Even the biggest Patriots hater has to enjoy the poetry of that.

The Smart Bet To Win Super Bowl LI: Dallas Cowboys 15-2 & Pittsburgh Steelers 17-2

The Cowboys and Steelers are the most talented teams in the postseason this year. While the Cowboys have the easier route to Houston, they still have to beat a hot Packers team and a Giants team that has beaten them twice. They do have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and that should be enough to get Jerry Jones to the big game in February.

In Pittsburgh, the combo of Big Ben, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell should strike fear in all opponents. All three are rested and healthy as they ever have been this late in the season and that should strike fear in the hearts of the AFC. A trip to Foxboro is the only obstacle this team has to a Super Bowl win.

The Dark Horse Pick To Win Super Bowl LI: New York Giants 10-1

The Giants have beaten the Dallas Cowboys twice this season. If that isn’t a reason enough for you to bet on the G-Men, don’t forget that Eli and a potent Giants defense have beaten Brady twice for the Super Bowl in the last decade (2008 and 2012) and are poised for a three-peat.

The Popular Bet To Win Super Bowl LI: Green Bay Packers 15-2

With a season with more valleys than peaks the Packers are the most popular Super Bowl LI bet. That’s right, more bets have been placed on the Packers to win the Super Bowl than any other team thanks mostly to Rodgers’ ‘run the table’ prediction coming true. Green Bay hosts the New York Giants on Sunday in the wild-card round.

The Packers opened at 10-1 to win Super Bowl LI and saw their odds drift all the way to 80-1 after a midseason four-game losing streak. But Green Bay closed out the regular season with six straight wins, including Sunday’s 31-24 victory over the Detroit Lions that clinched the NFC North division title and a playoff game at Lambeau Field.

While Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have attracted the most bets, the larger action has been on Tom Brady and the Patriots. More money has been bet on New England to win the Super Bowl than any other team.

When Hell Freezes Over Picks To Win Super Bowl LI: Houston/Oakland/Miami/Detroit

Three backup QBs and the Detroit Lions. The only way you should bet on any of these teams is if you bet on Trump and Leicester City to win last year.

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