Super Bowl XLVIII Facts and Trends

Super Bowl XLVIII Facts – Show Me The Money

You’ll be pummeled with a whirlwind of Super Bowl XLVIII facts (click here to see Super Bowl 48 betting trends) leading up to the big game, like Manning’s 4-3 SU record when playing in New York, but here are some things you might not know about the big game on February 2nd, 2014.

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos
The Denver Broncos are 2.5 point favorites over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.
Starts: 02/02/2014 6:30PM
MetLife Stadium, One MetLife Stadium Dr.
East Rutherford, New Jersey

Super Bowl XLVIII Fun Facts

  1. Dr. Evil Can Barely Afford A Ticket
    According to, ticket prices begin at $2,221.10 if you want to sit in the corners of the upper bowl in the back row. Considering that the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in North America, and one of the most viewed events in the world, that’s not too surprising especially given that it’s in New York. But if you want to party like a boss, you’ll have to shell out $899,270.00 for a suite! For that price, you could buy an entire row of mid-range seats, pay down about three months worth of mortgages for everyone you bring and buy everyone’s family a collection of George Constanza jackets. Gore-Tex, Jerry!
  2. This Won’t Be The Coldest Super Bowl City In History
    Early weather reports indicate that snow, rain and sleet are going to be avoided in the New York area on February 2nd. It’s a Super Bowl XLVIII fact that the game temperature will be the coldest it’s ever been, but Super Bowl XVI was hosted by Pontiac, Michigan which was 5-degrees Fahrenheit by the time the game kicked off. And Super Bowl XXVI had a daily low of 7 degrees Fahrenheit when the game was hosted by the city of Minneapolis. The difference? Both games were inside with the Silverdome and Metrodome offering shelter for everyone involved. But it’s still a fun Super Bowl XLVIII fact to throw around when people are talking about the weather.
  3. Hotel Owners Are Opportunistic Scum Bags
    Around 400,000 people will be flooding the New York City area for the Super Bowl, and hotels are jacking up their prices to accommodate the absurd supply and demand. A report, courtesy of ABC News, stated that the Renaissance Meadowlands Hotel is charging a whopping $989 per night which is 550% higher than the regular price of $152. Here’s a fun Super Bowl XLVIII fact for you: I apparently can’t afford to go to the Super Bowl on a writer’s salary.
  4. Parking Prices Near $1000 At MetLife Stadium
    Are you ready…for the most expensive tail gaiting in the history of NFL football? The closest you can park to MetLife Stadium is the promised land of Lot K, but to get your car in there you’re going to have to shell out $969.30. For the much farther Lot P, parking is $845.00! And you thought that parking downtown on the weekends to go shopping was brutal at $5 an hour…
  5. The Losers Will Get $42,000 Just For Showing Up
    To put this in perspective, the average household income as of 2011 was $50,054 in the United States. If you’re on the active roster in the Super Bowl and your team loses, you get a forty-two large for your troubles. So much for the saying, “to the richer go the spoils”. Being a kicker sounds pretty damn good about now doesn’t it?
  6. Bonus Fact
    If you want me to turn the screw with another Super Bowl XLVIII fact then here’s one that’ll piss you off even more: the winners of the Super Bowl get $83,000 a person on top of a diamond encrusted ring, bragging right and their massive, yearly salaries!
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