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Early Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Betting – Pre-Conference Weekend Plays

It’s never too early for Super Bowl XLVIII prop betting as long as there are odds and lines up! Here’s a look at some of the odds that we have up in the book right now heading in to the conference championships. Here’s what we have right now…

Best Value – Super Bowl XLVIII Winner
This early Super Bowl XLVIII prop betting take is actually a big sneak because you’re wagering on any of the remaining four teams against the rest of them. If you bet on the field, you have a decent 3-to-1 chance of cashing in, but the oddsmakers are forcing you to risk more to win less.

Seattle Seahawks +178 vs. Field -205
Denver Broncos +200 vs. Field -230
San Francisco 49ers +350 vs. Field -415
New England Patriots +560 vs. Field -745

The best field bet is the one lined up against Seattle at -205. People absolutely love this Seattle team, and for a lot of good reasons. They have the best overall defense in the league, and are coming off a rousing performance against the usually high-powered New Orleans Saints. Plus, they have a great chance of actually getting to the Super Bowl since they host San Francisco this weekend, and we all know how great they are at home (56-18-1 ATS at home).

But Russell Wilson worries me because he’s quite possibly the worst quarterback remaining in the playoffs. Of course, we said the same thing about Joe Flacco at this point last year when it was him, Kaepernick, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady left so there’s still plenty of opportunity for Wilson to surprise. I’m just not wiling to bet on it despite how the oddsmakers have skewed this.

In terms of Super Bowl XLVIII prop betting, San Francisco is my favorite take in this particular market. They have double the payback of their opponents this weekend and perhaps the strongest roster remaining in the playoffs. If you believe that defense wins championships, then the 49ers come first and Seattle is second. Which brings me to…

The NFC vs. AFC Super Bowl XLIVIII Prop Betting
The margin of talent and performance between the NFC and AFC teams remaining in the playoffs isn’t that wide, but considering the Broncos and Peyton are unproven this late in the year and the Patriots have such a depleted roster, it’s no surprise that the NFC is favored by -2.5 over the AFC in early Super Bowl XLVIII prop betting. The money line is also very attractive, favoring the Seahawks/Niners at -135 over the Broncos/Patriots at +115. I’d say that taking the NFC early is a safe play.

For The Truly Gutsy – Super Bowl XLVIII Exact Result
Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty? Then I’ve got the perfect Super Bowl XLVIII prop betting for the bravest and boldest. If you feel like you know which teams are going to come out ahead this weekend, then you can get the best Super Bowl odds on the board. I love San Fran and New England this weekend, and both pay over 10-to-1 in their specific matchup. Check it out:

New England beats San Francisco +1431
San Francisco beats New England +1085
Denver beats Seattle +339
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Obviously, by the time the dust settles form this weekend, we’ll have plenty Super Bowl XLVIII prop betting for you to feast on, but the early lines and odds are worth taking a flier on with some juicy value on the board.

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