How To Survive The Super Bowl Hangover

How To Survive The Super Bowl Hangover

Knowing how to survive the Super Bowl hangover requires a ton of preparation. Hydrate before and after as if you’re preparing for a marathon, have a couple cold bottles of Gatorade in the fridge and you’re pretty much halfway there. Here are five more tips to get you going the day after the Lombardi Trophy is hoisted by the victor.

1. Take Monday and Tuesday Off

If you’re wondering how to survive the Super Bowl Hangover, the first thing to do is to make sure you take the Monday off. Frankly, this should be a national holiday or at least coincide with some sort of civic day of rest. If you’re boss is being a douchebag, go kill a fake grandmother and you’re pretty much set. The big sneak? Try and wrangle it so you can work from home on Tuesday as well or at least go in at lunch by booking a bunch of fake doctor’s appointments. Your liver will be hurting enough to justify the tall tales you tell you’re chief executive officer.

2. Wake Up To Booze

The breakfast of real champions! Guinness is the staple here, but for you classy people out there I would recommend a Bloody Mary. My go-to is a gigantic cup of coffee filled with Bailey’s and a shot of whisky. The best part about the spiked coffee is that your kids won’t know the difference. Have it with a nice, greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs to help soothe that rooting gut while you’re at it.

3. Get To The Gym

If you’re so inclined, you can bang the weights and get the blood running. But the better idea is to head right to the locker room and bask in the glory of a sauna or steam room. Knowing how to survive the Super Bowl hangover comes down to veteran savvy. You literally need to sit in there for like 20 minutes to feel better and you don’t need to lift a damn finger while you’re at it. You’ll feel like a million even if your organs are dying on the inside.

4. Start Betting On Basketball

The void left in the wake of the Super Bowl is often forgotten. We all love football, whether you’re a fantasy junky, a fan with a rooting interest or a hard-core gambler. The best way to fill that gigantic hole in your heart left by the absence of football is to start getting ready to bet on college basketball. The college conference championships are just a month away, and March Madness follows suite. And there’s always the money maker that is the NBA. Get caught up, hit the sportsbook and enjoy.

5. Spend The Day-Off With Friends

Honestly, and this sounds hokey, get out of your house and share your hangover with other people who are equally groggy the day after the Super Bowl. This can include video games (a personal fave), sex with your significant or totally insignificant other or just having people over to watch a movie. Misery loves company and there is no more consistent misery in my life than hangovers. Now that you know how to survive the Super Bowl hangover, you have no excuses to enjoy the big day.

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