The Very Early Super Bowl 52 Odds & Analysis

The Very Early Odds To Win Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl 50 isn’t until this Sunday. Wouldn’t you know it?  Vegas has already posted the betting odds for Super Bowl 51. Some of the teams that are favorites should be favorites. For example, who can argue that New England isn’t an 8 to 1 chalk? What’s really interesting is that Denver is at 14 to 1 and Carolina is at 10 to 1. See below for my take!

A Closer Look At The Very Early Odds To Win Super Bowl 51

  1. New England 8/1 – It’s tough to look past a team that gets back RB Dion Lewis and a healthy Julian Edelman.
  2. Green Bay Packers 10/1 – WR Jordy Nelson will be back. Plus, the offensive line will be healthy.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs 20/1 – RB Jamal Charles returns to a backfield with Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware. The defense might be better in 2016-2017 than it was this season.
  4. Carolina Panthers 10/1 – Cam Newton is too young to suffer any let down if the Panthers win on Sunday. If the Panthers lose on Sunday, 10/1 makes them an overlay.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers 8/1 – The young defense gelled towards the end of the season while RB Le’veon Bell should be okay.
  6. Minnesota Vikings 20/1 – Another year of experience for QB Teddy Bridgewater, not to mention a talented defense, will make Minny tough to deal with in the NFC.
  7. Seattle Seahawks 8/1 – I’m not sure how much better the defense can get. Just to be clear, Carolina beat Seattle in the playoffs because the Legion of Boom gave up 31 points.
  8. Cincinnati Bengals 14/1 – I’d have them higher on this list if character wasn’t such a big question mark.
  9. Denver Broncos 14/1 –QB Brock Osweiler has to play well. Plus, Denver has some key free agents on defense that they may not resign.
  10. Arizona Cardinals 10/1 – The Desert Birds may have missed their chance. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald aren’t getting any younger.
  11. Indianapolis Colts 20/1 – If the defense can get better and they can build an offensive line to help QB Andrew Luck, 20 to 1 will be a gift.
  12. Dallas Cowboy 16/1 – Doesn’t it feel like Dallas will never win another Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones owns the team?  He must have pissed off the Football Gods.
  13. Baltimore Ravens 30/1 – They got a lot of great players returning from injuries. Too bad all of those players are old players.
  14. New Orleans Saints 40/1 – They’ll make an astronomical jump if the defense gets better. The offense ranked first in yards per game on average.
  15. Washington 40/1 – They’re interchangeable with New Orleans on my list. If Washington’s defense gets better, this team could win it all.
  16. New York Jets 30/1 – I like the Jets more than the Bills because of Head Coach Todd Bowles. He got the Jets to play as a team this season.
  17. San Diego Chargers 40/1 – A ton of injuries on both sides of the ball destroyed this team’s chances to make the playoffs. Next year could be a different story.
  18. Oakland Raiders 50/1 – This team might be a year away from jumping into my Top 10. The defense has the makings of a great one…if it can replace Charles Woodson.
  19. Detroit Lions 40/1 – The Lions seem like a mess of a team. But, the defense could surprise.
  20. Atlanta Falcons 40/1 – The Falcons have a better chance than the odds. Unfortunately, it’s hard to put them ahead of any other team ahead of them on this list.
  21. Buffalo Bills 30/1 – Rex hired his brother Rob to be an assistant head coach. Ask Sean Payton how well Rob did in New Orleans.
  22. Houston Texans 40/1 – Sure, the defense is great. Unfortunately, there’s nobody to play quarterback.
  23. Miami Dolphins 50/1 – If Adam Gase can’t get Tannehill right, nobody can.
  24. Chicago Bears 40/1 – Losing Gase hurts the Bears’ offense. The defense needs to improve big time before moving up.
  25. New York Giants 40/1 – The offense should be good, but the defense doesn’t seem capable of leading a team to a Super Bowl win.
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars 50/1 – Let’s try and make the playoffs first before talking Super Bowl.
  27. Tennessee Titans 50/1 – Let’s try and protect our franchise QB first before talking Super Bowl.
  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50/1 – Let’s not let our rookie QB determine who our head coach is going to be before talking Super Bowl.
  29. Los Angeles Rams 50/1 – The Rams don’t have a quarterback. The defense is overrated. Magic might ask for a refund for his season tickets after the first home game.
  30. Philadelphia Eagles 50/1 – Doug Pederson can’t do worse than Chip Kelly did. Then again, it’s not like Pederson gets a bunch of new players to work with.
  31. San Francisco 49’ers 60/1 – I guarantee you that San Francisco loses only 1 game during the pre-season. That’s Chip’s modus operandi. Give up all of the secrets in the pre-season and then fail during the regular season.
  32. Cleveland Browns 200-1 – Bye-bye Johnny Football. They still aren’t close to winning the Super Bowl. They won’t be close for at least 3 to 5 years.
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