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Things Have Been Interesting Around The NFL 

As we are a few weeks away from the 2014 NFL Draft, things have gotten a little crazy around the League. Recently it was made public that just a few days after information leaked about a possible affiliation between DeSean Jackson and a local gang the Eagles cut their top receiver stating that the team was heading in a different direction. A few days later Jackson made it known to the world that he had reached a deal with none other than their conference rivals, the Washington Redskins. This is interesting because Jackson will get to play against his former team twice a year.

In the last 48 hours it has also been made public that Titans running back Chris Johnson will be released, the relationship between the two has always been a rocky one, given Johnson arrests as well as on field issues have left the franchise to really devalue him as a player, possibly hurting his chances at getting the best contract possible. Things around this time are usually crazy as teams run around to trade, pick up and sign the best players they can but all eyes will be on Draft day.

This Draft has so much potential for so many teams because of the wide range a great players that are coming out of it, you have your 4 to 5 top quarterbacks that will fit right in to some of the team like Minnesota, Houston and Cleveland while the defensive players also are becoming more and more noticed after their pro days for teams that are missing a specific type of player to complete their roster and get them to that next level.

In the end, when the dust settles and we see just what happened this offseason one thing is clear, many of the big names will be with other teams, potential playoff teams will need to fill holes through the draft and smaller franchises will get some extra notoriety this season as I think we will have a Super Bowl this coming season between two teams that have never won it.

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