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Top 5 NFL Cities

There’s no other way to say it…some cities with NFL football teams are clearly ‘better’ than others when it comes to both, faithfully following their hometown teams and in their overall football knowledge as a whole.

In this list, I’ll break down the top five NFL fan cities while explaining just what makes them so special. With another week of exciting NFL gridiron action taking place this coming weekend, let’s get started.

Green Bay
There’s not a whole lot of reason to travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin unless you like small towns, bitter cold weather and Packers football. No matter where you go, once the NFL season starts, it’s all about the Packers and not much else, unless the Wisconsin Badgers have a nationally-ranked team.

The best part about Packers fans is that, not only can they literally be found anywhere, but they are arguably the most knowledgeable football fans in the entire country. Everyone from local butchers to pre-school teachers knows about Packers football and they know it well.

I also like the fact that Packers fans also don’t turn on their team when things aren’t going well, like fans do in many of the cities I’ve lived in. No, Green Bay Packers fans are as faithful as they come – and that’s a good thing.

Kansas City
I don’t care what anyone says…Kansas City football fans are absolutely fanatical about their Chiefs – and the love of this mostly, non-winning franchise – stretches far and wide, like across two states, Kansas and Missouri.

If you’ve never been to the Kansas City area for a Chiefs game or been in the general area on a Game Day Sunday, then you should know that the entire city almost literally shuts down to either go see or simply support their Chiefs.

It’s nice to see this franchise is winning again, because their win-starved fans are absolutely fanatical about the Kansa City Chiefs – and I can attest to that from firsthand knowledge.

Indianapolis is a blue-collar kind of town that reminds me a lot of a northern city like Philadelphia more than a laid-back Midwestern locale. No matter where it’s located, Indianapolis Colts fans are as faithful and as knowledgeable as they come. Of course, I guess you would know a lot about NFL football when you got to see surefire Hall of Famer Peyton manning up close and personal for over a decade. Even after the team parted ways with the beloved leader, Colts fans didn’t go bonkers. Nor did they turn on each other when it cam time to use their No.1 overall draft pick two years ago, when the town could have been the center of an Andrew Luck vs. RGII draft saga. No, Indianapolis Colts fans are smart and faithful and that’s a rare combination in today’s times.

I know the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most successful Super Bowl-winning team in NFL history, but the fact of the matter is that this franchise has some seriously faithful fans. I know there’s not a whole lot in the town of Pittsburgh outside of some really big steel mils and the Pittsburgh Pirates, but the fact of the matter is that Steelers fans are extremely knowledgeable about their team and NFL football in general. Even when they’ve gone through leans years as every franchise does at some point, Steelers fans support their team like you wouldn’t believe.

New Orleans
I’m so old (thanks) that I can remember the New Orleans Saints franchise long before they ever became the ‘Aints and many of their fans wore bags on their heads to games. I remember seeing Archie Manning, yes, the father of today’s younger Manning brothers, get repeatedly pounded into the turf at the New Orleans Superdome, only to rise up a=for more punishment time and time again.

Now, the Saints have a winning franchise led by a future Hall of Fame quarterback and some of the most faithful and knowledgeable fans in the country. If there’s one franchise that deserves it, the New Orleans Saints are it!

So, there you have it…the top five NFL fan cities anywhere. F you haven’t seen a game at any one of these teams’ home venues, then you’re in for one helluva’ treat when you do go.

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