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Updated Odds To Win Super Bowl 47

The oddsmakers have quickly released this year’s odds to win Super Bowl 47 for the post season and the Seahawks and Broncos remain at the top as they have for most of the second half. Where’s your favorite team ranked? Read on to find out.

Seattle Seahawks +270
The Seahawks started the year as the second best team on the board at +800 to win it all, but the updated odds to win Super Bowl 47 have pushed them to the forefront. Their home field advantage is perhaps the only legitimate one still in existence, and they’re just two games away from breaking through to the Super Bowl for the first time in nearly eight years. The problem is – and I’m not even joking when Is say this – all but one team in the NFC is fully capable of beating them. Whether these odds present any value is a personal question. There are other longshots in this market that I simply prefer in terms of value. And if you’ve been reading me all through the season, you know I don’t have nearly as much faith in the Seahawks as everyone else does.

Denver Broncos +295
I haven’t told anyone to bet on the Broncos as Super Bowl favorites since Week 5 where their defense was exposed. They decimated bad teams this year, but also picked up some unusual losses and tight games. They’re virtually unstoppable offensively, but without Von Miller against the league’s best, the Broncos shouldn’t be touched. Peyton Manning is perhaps the greatest quarterback ever from a statistical standpoint, but he has not been a gunner in the playoffs like he is in the regular season. Still, I think that this offence can keep Denver in every playoff game. Whether their defense comes through is a big question mark.

New England Patriots +875
Vince Wilfork, Jarod Mayo and Rob Gronkowski are out. LeGarrette Blount is the team’s best running back. Who knows how good this defense can play against the best that the AFC has to offer? And they were the worst betting team that made the playoffs at just 8-8 ATS. But Tom Brady and Bill Belichik can absolutely run the table as the second seed in the AFC. Those two are having their finest season together in my humble opinion and the updated odds to win Super Bowl 47 reflect how much the oddsmakers respect those two. Bet against the Patriots at your own risk.

Carolina Panthers +900
When the season started, the Carolina Panthers were +6500 longshots at the bottom of the board trying to earn some respect. Well now, they’ve got it. Just remember – we’ve never seen Cam Newton in the playoffs. Most of the public seems to believe that the Panthers aren’t a worthy bet, but the oddsmakers are downright terrified of them. This is the largest price drop from the preseason to the current, updated odds to win Super Bowl 47 of any playoff team. Take that for what you will.

San Francisco 49ers +1000
The Niners were proverbial favorites, along with the Broncos, heading in to the season. Adding Anquan Boldin only boosted their value, and quite honestly the Niners should probably be lower than 10-to-1 in the updated odds to win Super Bowl 47. Keep this in mind: they’re the fourth best team on the board despite the fact that they lost four games to playoff teams (Seattle, New Orleans, Carolina and Indy) and will be forced to play on the road throughout the playoffs. That’s incredible and should tell you how good these odds are. 

Cincinnati Bengals +1600
The Bengals have gained a lot of traction in the public domain, but gamblers know better. This is a terrible road team, and after they host the San Diego Chargers this weekend as -7.0 home favorites, they have to travel for the remainder of the playoffs. The Bengals went just 3-5 SU and 2-5-1 ATS on the road this season. You’ve been warned.

Green Bay Packers +2000
This is one of the only mid-range longshot to increase in value since the beginning of the season. Green Bay opened as 12-to-1 favorites in the preseason, but their updated odds to win Super Bowl 47 are a product of their first-round matchup with San Francisco and the ongoing health problems of Clay Matthews. They have Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb back connecting in the endzone, but this defense is incredibly suspect. The oddsmakers would’ve pushed them to +2500 if their public backing wasn’t so freaking enormous.

Philadelphia Eagles +2400
At a bloated +5000 to win the Lombardi at the beginning of the year, the new-look Eagles were buried behind the other big tickets in the NFC East but muscled past all of them to become the second best offence behind Manning’s Broncos. Honestly, they’re one of the hottest – if not the hottest – team entering the playoffs. They’re a proven road and home commodity and I can’t believe I’m encouraging a Nick Foles play long term but I am. You would be far from stupid for backing this highly productive team.

New Orleans Saints +2500
Nothing has changed for the Saints since they debuted with 18-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl at the onset of the season. They still have Drew Brees, a great defense, and Sean Payton but gamblers around the world have grown tired of this team failing to play at a consistent clip throughout the year. New Orleans doesn’t deserve your faith and the updated odds to win Super Bowl 47 reflect that.

Indianapolis Colts +3100
In general, the gambling community doesn’t trust this team one bit. They went a strong 10-6 ATS and crushed the lowly AFC South division, and also picked up a lot of major wins over playoff teams like San Diego, San Francisco and Kansas City but they are an absolute no-go as a long term play. I just can’t picture this team surviving the gauntlet of the playoffs. They’re not built to do so.

Kansas City Chiefs +3500
From the only undefeated team in the league to the second longest play in the recently updated odds to win Super Bowl 47? Listen, the Chiefs aren’t a great team but they’re well rested and boast some seriously dangerous playmakers and a steady quarterback along with a head coach who has done everything in the NFL outside of winning the championship. You can bet against the Chiefs if you’d like…but I’m willing to wager that they can do some damage. I prefer them in the AFC market but that’s only because I like the NFC teams far more in general.

San Diego Chargers +4000
I love Philip Rivers, but even I can’t encourage a play on San Diego in the updated odds to win Super Bowl 47. This is the highest price there is for one simple reason: the Chargers shouldn’t even be in the playoffs. This spot belongs to the  Steelers.

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