NFL Week 2 Parlay Picks

NFL Week 2 Parlay Picks

The first Sunday of the 2015 NFL season was full of unexpected upsets, breakout rookies and season-changing injuries. I watched 7 straight hours of commercial-free NFL RedZone action yesterday to provide you the best picks for your winning NFL week 2 parlay.

My NFL Week 2 Winning Two-Team Parlay Pick

  • Cincinnati Bengals -3.5
  • Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5

San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals
When: Sunday, Sept. 20 at 1:00 pm ET

San Diego probably got lucky in their 33 to 28 Week 1 victory over the Detroit Lions. All the Lions really needed to do was simplify the offense and rush Ameer Abdullah and Joique Bell way more than they did. They only gave the ball to Abdullah 7 times.

Cincinnati won’t make that mistake. The Bengals beat Oakland and their good looking defense 33 to 13 in Week 1. RB Jeremy Hill carried the ball 19 times for 63 yards. He scored 2 touchdowns. RB Giovani Bernard carried the ball 8 times for 63 yards.

Granted, the Raiders had to play with their back-up QB, but it’s tough to see San Diego yet again having to outscore a team in order to win when their rushing attack is so bad. Expect the Bengals to easily win this contest.  

San Francisco 49’ers at Pittsburgh Steelers
When:  Sunday, Sept. 20 at 1:00 pm ET

Analysis: Pittsburgh blew some chances to beat New England in Week 1. Hey, it happens. All in all, Pittsburgh didn’t play that badly. This is especially true regarding their defense. Save for blown assignments on Rob Gronkowski, Pitt shut down Tom Brady’s other weapons. The Steelers’ defense will get better as the season goes along. Linebacker Bud Dupree has to learn to play against the tight-end.  

San Francisco doesn’t have anybody close to being as good as Gronk on their team. The 49’ers just aren’t a very good football team. They have no leaders on either the offense or defense. San Francisco’s defense shouldn’t be able to stop a Pittsburgh offense led by Big Ben and Antonio Brown. The Steelers should score over 30 points in this game. San Francisco will be lucky to break 20.

Pittsburgh -6.5

My NFL Week 2 Winning Three-Team Parlay Pick

  • Cincinnati Bengals -3.5
  • Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5
  • Seattle Seahawks +3

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers
When: Sunday, Sept. 20 at 5:30 pm ET

Analysis: Everybody is high on Green Bay after they throttled Chicago 31 to 23 in Week 1. The problem that the Packers could have as the season wears on is how their defense matches up against other teams’ offenses.

Seattle scored 31 points against St. Louis, a team with a very good defense, in a 31 to 34 overtime loss to the Rams. Sure, Green Bay has a better offense than the Rams do, but Seattle has a much better offense than the Bears do. Green Bay allowed Matt Forte to rush for 141 yards and a TD.

Beast Mode should be in effect early on in this matchup. That will open up the middle for QB Russell Wilson to throw to tight-end Jimmy Graham. Green Bay will be in some trouble in this game. The Packers might lose it straight up.   

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