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NFL Week 2 Straight Up Moneyline Upset Alerts

Betting on the underdog’s moneyline straight-up is the quickest way to boost your sports betting bankroll and there are a handful of games you should put on your NFL Week 2 straight-up moneyline betting radar.

NFL Week 2 Straight Up Moneyline Upset Alerts

Indianapolis Colts +150 vs. Tennessee Titans

Don’t start talking about how the Tennessee Titans are good enough to win the Super Bowl. Cleveland handed them the game. When your quarterback, talking about Baker Mayfield here, throws a couple of pick 6s, the game tends to get out of control. That’s why the Titans beat Cleveland 43-13.

The Colts are rock solid. Jacoby Brissett didn’t throw an interception while Indy almost upset the Chargers on the road in Week 1, losing in overtime. They’ll beat Tennessee SU in Week 2.

Upset Alert: Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota Vikings +130 vs. Green Bay Packers

Yes, Green Bay beat the Bears 10-3 on the road. The Packers struggled to get anything going on offense, though, while the Vikings dominated the Atlanta Falcons in every phase of the game in Week 1. Minnesota, at least visually, is the better team. Be happy we’re getting above even money on the Thors.

Upset Alert: Minnesota Vikings

Cleveland Browns vs. New York Jets +125

Your eyes did not deceive you. The much-hyped, ballyhooed, we’re the fourth team in the future books to win the Super Bowl, Cleveland Browns laid the ugliest, smelliest, egg on Sunday. Cleveland has a banged-up offensive line. Uh…why would we expect that offensive line to be any better in Week 2 versus a Jets defense that produced 2 interceptions and a sack against Buffalo?

Upset Alert: New York Jets

San Francisco 49ers +103 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals played the Seahawks much better than people thought they would. Unfortunately for the Bengals, the offense only produced 34 rushing yards, and the defense gave up 4 sacks. The 49ers dominated Tampa Bay. The defense picked off Jameis Winston 3 times. San Francisco wins.

Upset Alert: San Francisco 49ers

New Orleans Saints +140 vs. L.A. Rams

The Saints’ defense most definitely underperformed in the lucky 30-28 win over the Houston Texans on Monday night. DeShaun ate up defensive back P.J. Williams like he was grape nuts in a bowl of cereal on a sunny morning.

But, New Orleans will make the necessary adjustments. Also, these two squads know each other well and the Rams gave up a freakin’ 128 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns to Christian McCaffrey. Play both Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray if you’ve got them. Saints get their low-level revenge.

Upset Alert: New Orleans Saints

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